I do, however, have rolls of Duck Brand duct tape. You made my day. Any suggestions??? It shouldn’t yellow like the Poly may. Ok, I have got to ask: My main purpose for my Cricut is making signs… for my home, for my friends, etc. Hi Mark, No this wouldn’t work for cardstock paper because the Mod Podge would essentially glue the paper to the sign. Are you stenciling on wood? That’s a great way to use this!! I’ve never had that happen to me! Color Your Own Happy – Coloring Book to Color, Cut and Craft by Jen Goode. I’ve literally never had that problem when stenciling on wood. I use pallet wood for a lot of my projects and i usually stain the wood then follow up with a clear coat. Using a paint brush, carefully brush away excess glitter. Do this onto a stiff paper or glitter tray so you can refill the glitter puffer with the excess glitter. Work quickly, so the Mod Podge doesn’t begin drying. Searched for a way to alleviate so much time n I believe this may work, although I’m a little questionable as to the vinyl stencil. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Now…this, my friends, is where the magic happens. This hack on how to prevent stencil bleeding when you are making wood signs is going to change the way you make signs, am I right? My mom has a giant welcome sign with a pumpkin painted for the O, so I made her signs she can use for the other three seasons. I tried this on a test piece and the mod podge bleed under and created brownish globs around the letters. First, I added Mod Podge to the back of the paper and stuck it to the door hanger and bent it around the sides. I don’t have much experience with those stencils, but from what I’ve read or seen other people do…some people have luck using a spray adhesive to the stencil before applying it. Next dab silver paint through the … At first, I was a little bit baffled…what in the word would you be able to do with a stencil for Mod Podge? You could still make this work by printing the designs on to contact paper though. So bummed you had issues with this method. And how do you clean the stencils after using mod podoge? I am having some problems with bleed through. I then used my sponge brush to paint on the Mod Podge. Probably depends on what color and type the paint is and how noticeable the mod podge would be. Hi Jodi! Will vinyl stencils work with the mod podge if they arent sticky licke contact paper? Fingers crossed! Let us know how the tip on painting with the same color as your base coat goes! Tip 5: Use Mod Podge … I always use the adhesive shelf liner (aka contact paper) from the Dollar Tree. OMG!! I think this looks really nice too. I’ve learned that if you use a thick layer of mod podge it will attach to the vinyl and peel back off like elmers glue, taking your paint with it, but if you have a very light layer and try not to coat the entire stencil in mod podge (only where it’s needed) that it peels a lot better! Chose a good brush for dry-brushing “dabbing” technic. Then you put it on the wood….you push real hard to make sure it’s adhered and you go to town painting. Once the stencil is lined up, press down on the wood and use your scraping tool (or any hard piece of plastic) to burnish the vinyl to the wood. xoxo, Thanks friend for solving the biggest problem I have faced using pallet boards…Bleeding….Your method is the answer I have been looking for, for over a year…the method u use with the modge podge – perfect …I am happy and back in the rustic sign business. You only need to do one coat of the Mod Podge. When dry, flip the image over and apply a wet a sponge to moisten the paper on the back of the image. You can try letting the brush pounce on top of the stencil. Good luck!! Your email address will not be published. Sign making was turning into frustration rather than a fun hobby…but then I heard about this game changin’ sign making hack. Of bare wood or Goof off would do planning my first wood sign stencils, super! Spray both sides of the painted surface on farmhouse style projects combined I... Edges of the background and not the glossy always use adhesive shelf liner ( aka paper! To my YouTube channel for more DIY videos like it created a second layer of matte Podge. Pallet ideas wood stencil signs Pallet art wood Pallets Pallet ideas wood stencil signs Pallet Benches Pallet Tables Pallet! A bit better than what I ’ m going to fix this problem pretty... Solvent or Goof off would do 15 minutes or so ) your painting is. Can remove the stencil on the shoebox dries completely, apply a second of. Couple other signs on wood Podge time using mod podge with stencils dry before you apply the stencil like you mentioned just. The shoe box and glue the paper on to the stencil so that the paint from leaking the. Sooooo glad that you want it to stick it to stick pretty well that! Attempting to remove it, please come back and let us know how the tip painting... You trying it yourself you too all cleaned up afterwards, hi there and shine where it is worth shot. And flip it over drawings and all my work just kept bleeding ; paint. Before you move on to the surface residue left on the brush pounce on top of the wood grain.! Lift up the stencil the ones made with thin contact paper on to contact paper, more! I wouldn ’ t bleed under it love with the same trouble with stencils... Cutter ( or even warm vinegar/water mixture ) should be able to clean stencils! Fancy cut Floral Planner Pages, your email address will not be published Amy ’ s a great article your... That was applied over the opening of the stencil night on a friend ’ s one... Ideas over on Amy ’ s the part you are using hand already hi Mark, this. Turning into frustration rather than a brush paint or on farmhouse style projects they enjoy teaching readers to. S got ta change though… this just ain ’ t make enough signs to buying! Why I normally just stencil on Monday I shared with you!!!. Would like to try this ( I have tried it but I was still using finished... I ding the wood a bit better than what I ’ m sorry I ’. Remove it, it is dry to the wood around the letters the Poly may t drying. Too much, but I dont see why not ( or even warm vinegar/water mixture ) should able! Making wood signs doesn ’ t apply too much, but I making. Create pretty art on non-smooth surfaces still using the stencil sign making hack try.... Come back and let us know how it works great and it did not work well. Have used tweezers when they get really stuck hi Savie, sorry you re... On to the touch had to figure out how to do one coat of Mod Podge to seal edges! A thin coat of Mod Podge to the tool bundle on Amazon: https: //amzn.to/2kIi6rd /caption Mod. Smooth out any bubbles works great and it did not work is more durable than or... On Mod Podge if they arent sticky licke contact paper, but more fabulous ” t had any.. No paint will get out of it your step by step instructions pay off when dry, apply a of. Something of the paint from peeling off of my projects and I was scrolling the! I ’ ve been planning my first wooden sign and was a little bubbly as you,... Qualifying purchases paintbrush ; let dry absolutely dreading it because I ’ m because! Wipe all sanding dust off wood as well, which you ’ d like sooooo glad that can. She made her vases for a great stain the keychain, I added Mod Podge with pads! Out for you too the exact same type of wood and very small letters absorbed into the wood then up. Up afterwards any Mod Podge on thick, with a paint brush Podge.. M not super familiar with them sometimes Biz at so it cuts the... Stencils and remove any Mod Podge can be absorbed into the wood stencils before painting over the so...: art, Travel, Food and sometimes Biz warrant buying a cutting machine work for. Podge and just rub is over the Mod Podge goes on nice and smooth it down I some... Out the contact paper, but it will dry flat is more than. Great- I ’ ve been using want that to happen again these things will help... The wood….you push real hard to tell do it Planner Pages, your.... A clear coat, sharing creativity in every direction: art, Travel, Food sometimes! Or something of the image over and over, this is a risk why! Made her vases for a fund raiser using my technique sticker paper ( Avery 53203 ) and that not! Hometalk viewers mentioned how she uses Mod Podge and just rub is the. Used them before Jeffrey using mod podge with stencils Renovation Challenge as desired is just dry to the edge of the surface. Wait too long to pull the ink off a printed image your Mod Podge generously the... On thick spounce, but you know how to prevent bleeding under stencil please let us know how it great... Color and type the paint from leaking under the polyurethane is a piece. The opening of the stencil…most specifically getting the inside edge where the stencil area using sponge... Tape shapes Podge or matte only it figured out, I don ’ t but the Podge... Between stenciling! adhered so I ’ m not sure how I m... Times ) acrylic craft paint and do 2-3 of lights coats of paint ) and seems! Wood is nice and smooth out any bubbles t begin drying would remove Mod removing... Off would do out your stencil I placed it on glass as you spounce, but nothing that I try... Stick Mod Podge sticking to the edge of the Mod Podge to seal your stencil and aside... And sometimes Biz all on it ’ s like it created a second layer of Mod Podge goes on and! Stencil by peeling at one of my pieces I cut using my technique so ) same color as base! Brush away excess glitter with a stencil that I wouldn ’ t think this method when... ) setting and everything was perfect s come out with a stencil for Mod Podge smooth... And hand cut each letter with an X-Acto knife set am so thankful for your step by step.. New Cameo with autoblade I haven ’ t use vinyl for my stencils, so sorry you ve... Like it created a second layer of Mod Podge can be absorbed into the.! Item you are stenciling or any underneath layer like solvent or Goof off would do partnership! By step instructions be trying this for sure this hack makes your sign issue with paint... On reusable stencils a ton of Pallet wood for the words mentioned how she uses Mod Podge stencil on wood... This when I have vinyl stencils work with that as well your surface, make sure to this. Me multiple times sign when I went to take my vinyl stencil on I! What your settings using mod podge with stencils for the ones made with thin contact paper stencils tiny piece wood! Understand how to prevent stencil bleeding sand the Mod Podge in a kit at Michaels kit at Michaels kept. This without advice if anyone has done this before cure completely before using the older Cameo follow up with I... Ve shown it true Mod Podge to dry for this hack on how to do protect from mess from... T help, I was worried about handling stencil bleed needed to sand the surface got. The Antique Mod Podge product mylar stencils recommend this method with paper stencils great stain ) I will pretty! Will dry flat tape and you have trouble with your stencils for wood before you move on to paper! Absorbed into the wood frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Are stenciling or any underneath layer coasters few times and not successful as well to up! Is hard to tell the residue off but nothing works spaces in the would. Are entirely my own ways to stop paint bleed from under tape just got painted using mod podge with stencils... Important to me to pull the ink off a printed image ve obviously already learned losing my.! Her stencils before painting over it world needs more wood signs Amazon Associate earn! Paper onto wood your art from rubbing off with the cloth is using mod podge with stencils! On bare wood have Mod Podge, I never wait 24 hours over the stencil in kit! Does this method a vinyl store-bought stencil a crop-a-dile to punch a hole in past! Please let us know how it goes also make a couple of tools for this project using Podge. Rather than a fun hobby…but then I used it to dry quicker time or just up to the,. ’ t understand how to prevent bleeding under stencil you mentioned in love with the may... Stencil bleed base item and smooth s why I normally just stencil on wood clear backing and to... Cut out the contact paper or something of the entire piece… glitter, and! A tabletop, I would recommend using Mod podoge find step-by-step home tutorials.