Popular synonyms for Male and phrases with this word. Find out the synonyms, antonyms and definition. dickhead noun. He is vital to foreign relations. Preview. Definition: a person who belongs to the sex that cannot have babies. Perhaps you know a word which is missing here? ENGLISH DICTIONARY; SYNONYMS; TRANSLATE; GRAMMAR . Synonymer for men. 8.5%. How do you use male in a sentence? Definition: solid-hoofed herbivorous quadruped domesticated since prehistoric times. Mr Men Synonyms for an Working Wall Display (no rating) 0 customer reviews. Antonyms for Male gaze. Share this Page . to-6.0%. Tonsil Tickler. Alpha male Thesaurus. We probably don’t relate to the baldness of our penises enough. prick noun. synonym.tech. Definition: being the sex (of plant or animal) that produces gametes (spermatozoa) that perform the fertilizing function in generation. Read more. Men betyder omtrent det samme som Alligevel. One-Eyed Rattlesnake . What are synonyms for male? This resource can be used as a working wall display or vocabulary activity. The higher the terms are in the list, the more likely that they're relevant to the word or phrase that you searched for. for-1.4%. young male. snowflake. J'ai besoin d'un petit carton. Words with similar meaning of Male at Thesaurus dictionary Synonym.tech. Synonyms Antonyms Definitions Examples Parts of speech. I’ll never understand why the male member is associated with pork. Men. This is the British English definition of alpha male.View American English definition of alpha male. Classic Thesaurus. Synonyms for male masculine man (boy, cat, guy >>) buck plug manly See all synonyms for male. Annonce. - shows 3-letter terms; a? thesaurus male child: boy male male person girl (antonym) female child (antonym) Synonyms of male child : (noun) boy , male , male person, girl (antonym), female child (antonym) GRAMMAR A-Z ; SPELLING ; PUNCTUATION ; WRITING TIPS ; … old-fashioned an insulting word for a man whose wife has sex with another man. 94. Definition: a human being. Retrieved from "https://namingschemes.com/index.php?title=Penis_Synonyms&oldid=27755" Synonyms-thesaurus.com is more than 70,800 synonyms and 47,200 antonyms available. Synonyms with "circumcision" Search again. Male definition, a person bearing an X and Y chromosome pair in the cell nuclei and normally having a penis, scrotum, and testicles, and developing hair on the face at adolescence; a boy or man. 32 Synonyms ; more ; 1 Broader? See more. Lists. More 200 Male synonyms. Someone You Love or have a deep affection for Synonyms may include Babe,Bad e.t.c E.g I Love You Barney Last edited on Feb 15 2015. Synonym definition, a word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another in the language, as happy, joyful, elated. GRAMMAR A-Z ; SPELLING ; PUNCTUATION ; WRITING TIPS ; USAGE ; EXPLORE . 95. Author: Created by KS1_team. Definition: an animal that produces gametes (spermatozoa) that can fertilize female gametes (ova) Similar words: Equus caballus, horse. Se alle synonymer nedenfor. View the pronunciation for alpha male. Another word for man: male, guy, fellow, gentleman, bloke | Collins English Thesaurus an unattractive male.He is such a Barney. Old Boy. Similar words: somebody, someone, soul, mortal, person, individual. Here you use the synonyms for male genitals. Loading... Save for later. Definition: the male of species Equus caballus. Synonyms "male circumcision" in the picture. Definition: for or pertaining to or composed of men or boys. for male synonyms - similar meaning - 42. Understand male model meaning and enrich your vocabulary Thesaurus Trending Words. 96. MALE CAT 'MALE CAT' is a 7 letter phrase starting with M and ending with T Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for MALE CAT We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word male cat will help you to finish your crossword today. and '*':??? Synonyms for (adj) male. If you know synonyms for Alpha male, then you can share it or put your rating in listed similar words. Further results for the word "male-duck" drake [noun] means "bird" male duck + Submit synoym for drake. Submitted by Anonymous on Feb 15 2015. These synonyms for the word male … Suggest synonym. Thankfully he’s not venomous. Due to the way the algorithm works, the thesaurus gives you mostly related slang words, rather than exact synonyms. The term 'Men' in classic thesaurus. Last edited on Jul 30 2007. Other usefull source with synonyms of this word: wiktionary.org. Se nedenfor hvad men betyder og hvordan det bruges på dansk. old-fashioned an insulting word for a boy or man who is not brave. thesaurus male: male (similar term) antheral (similar term) staminate (similar term) phallic (similar term) priapic (similar term) priapic (similar term) young-begetting (similar term) masculine (related term) female (antonym) androgynous (antonym) manful Search for synonyms and antonyms. Usage: the male lead; the male population. Synonyms for male - masculine, man, buck, plug, manly and others. male dancer. Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 30 2007. Best synonyms for 'male role model' are 'parental figure', 'father figure' and 'father image'. The adjective petit is one example of a very common French word that can be replaced by any number of synonyms. milksop noun. Understand male bird meaning and enrich your vocabulary Ambassador. Visual thesaurus for male horse. 97. See more. Petit means small or short, depending on how it's used and the words that are used with it. This is actually the most British thing ever said. See more words with the same meaning: unattractive, ugly male. If a particular answer is generating a lot of interest on the site today, it may be highlighted in orange. The search algorithm handles phrases and strings of words quite well, so for example if you want words that are related to Ouch. The synonyms have been arranged depending on the number of charachters so that they're easy to find. Synonyms: male, male person. offensive an insulting word for an unpleasant or annoying man. Similar words: male. External Links . Similar words: male. Definition and synonyms of alpha male from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. Cite this Source. Small or Short in French . offensive a stupid man. Synonyms for Male gaze in Free Thesaurus. Special characters '?' Vi fandt 15 synonymer for men. put off-15.0%. Synonyms for male person Synonyms for (noun) male person. 3 letter words TOM Full list of synonyms for Male is here. cuckold noun. Virile, masculine, manly. WORD ORIGINS ; LANGUAGE QUESTIONS ; WORD LISTS; SPANISH DICTIONARY; More. offensive a man who you think is unpleasant and stupid. Synonym for Men. Change your default dictionary to American English. dick noun . Synonyms with "male" male. Each Mr Men character has a set of 6 synonyms. Usage: a male infant; a male holly tree. A dictionary of synonyms and antonyms (or opposites), such as Thesaurus.com, is called a thesaurus. GRAMMAR . Created: Aug 3, 2020. Synonyms: male horse. More synonyms +-bastard noun. We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find. Similar words: staminate, antheral. very-8.3%. Ancient Greek art depicting the male body doesn't merely display an advanced knowledge of anatomy and artistic technique; it conveys the prevailing attitudes about masculine beauty. APA; MLA; CMS; Synonyms for Alpha male. Synonyms: male. Further results for the word "male-lead" hero [noun] means "person" male lead + Submit synoym for hero. 99. Click on each word to hear it pronounced. male bird synonyms and antonyms in the English synonyms dictionary, see also 'meal',malice',mangle',mantle', definition. What are another words for Male? €1.65. Perhaps you know a word which is missing here? For male synonyms. male model synonyms and antonyms in the English synonyms dictionary, see also 'meal',malice',mangle',mantle', definition. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! Top synonyms for for male (other words for for male) are for men, among men and in male. If your word has any anagrams, they'll be listed too along with a definition for the word if we have one. Synonyms for (noun) male horse. Learn some different ways to say "small" and "short," and note the different nuances. C. male role model > synonyms. (2016). 98. On this page you will find all the synonyms for the word to male. Synonyms for 'male-dominated': male, masculine, manly, effeminate, unmanly, macho, boyish, effete, red-blooded, camp, blokeish, cissy, emasculate Bald-Headed Sailor. Synonyms for male friend include boyfriend, beloved, lover, beau, swain, darling, dearest, inamorato, love and man. Share this image. Organ Grinder. There are 12 characters covering emotions, temperature and height.