Ireland. 13 comments. A bright, part shade location is required. cutting ( unrooted ) 2 nodes. Identify Plants. As wit.. Large and attractive slightly fuzzy leaves, white to light pink flowers with sweet fragrance. It actually has differnt leaves than the rest of the pubicalyx varieties. If you mix your soil on your own use a combination of peat moss, vermiculite, and perlite.I always use an equal ratio and this has served my Queen and me well so far. Most come from South-East Asia. ... Hoya fungii H3. Plant in photos is plant you get. ... Hoya patella pink. ... Hoya fungii (4) Hoya gekte (1) Hoya globulosa (1) Hoya golamcoana (1) Hoya griffithii (2) Hoya heuschkeliana (1) Hoya heuschkeliana (pink) (1) Clear sap. Sold Out. I had seen photos of the pretty pink flowers and one more pubicalyx wouldn't "hurt"? Vildv xande Hoya acuta: Hoya aff. My very first Hoya to bloom! Hoya fungii - from Vietnam, large umbels of white flowers – flowers readily. Hoya cumingiana (basket type) - from Philippines is a non twining plant with perfumed yellow flowers. Chose a well-draining soil mix for this Hoya as you would for most other houseplants. Posted by TexasPlumeria87 (Plano, TX - Zone 8a) on Dec 13, 2015 5:40 PM. CHRISTMAS ISLAND HOYA. JAPAN Hoya Carnosa Tricolour Krimson Queen Variegated RARE $38 gorgeous pink, cream healthy leaves! Large pink flower clusters are produced that can have up to 60 flowers. Hoya fungii from seeds (seedling) zł25.00. Its stems are glabrous with pale bark. AU $68.50. $40.00. The plant has very hard and large leaves up to 20x7cm, or approx 8×3 inches oval shaped but narrows down to a sharp tip at the edge. Hoya parasitica 'North Habli' zł25.00. Article by World of Flowering Plants. United Kingdom. Quick Shop Hoya fungii H3. Limited stoc Chat to Buy Hoya fungii has emerald green foliage with dark green veins. PHOTO (HOYA LOVE) 1/3. Hoya heuscheliana pink,Hoya tomatenasis,Hoya parasitica,Hoya carnosa pink,Hoya compacta new,Hoya fungii,Hoya Pattella pink,Hoya compacta,เหล่าโฮย่ามีสีชมพู We ship them without the soil, treated and packed according to phytosanitary requirements. Well established Hoya Fungii starts flowering, like a ball, fragrance at night, 1264020821 Add to cart. 9 bids. Palawan GPS 9057 Hoya sp. Sold Out. arnottiana IML 1367: Hoya arnottiana Hoya ‘Green Exotic’ – cultivar, dark pink flower, flowers readily. Hoya archboldiana was discovered on November 3, 1933 on Paupua New Guinea and was named after the famous American aviator and explorer Richard Archbold (1907 – 1976). H. cystiantha, (top left), H danumensis, (top right) H campanulata? All Hoya are shipped as well rooted cuttings with 2-4 leaves for your growing pleasure. AU $25.00. Everything you need to know about Wax Plant (Hoya fungii), including propagation, ideal conditions and common pests and problems. Gepost door stokroosje op 20:33. Impressive globular clusters of light pink flowers with deep pink centers.^family~Apocynaceae Menu. Hoya pubicalyx silver pink Hoya purpureofusca (cinnamomifolia) Hoya pusilla Hoya retusa Hoya rigida Hoya salweenica Hoya samoensis Hoya schneei Hoya serpens Hoya siamica Hoya sigillatis Hoya solaniflora Hoya sp. Hoya Carnosa - Indian Rope Outside Variegate Collection No:2.2 - Houseplant. The leaves and patterns vary so much on this plant and I'm constantly unwrapping it from other hoyas and plants. zł49.00. 55140: HOYA FUNGII: ASC: $12.00 141. Hoya memoria ? United States. Articles and News. Sold Out. watering : plenty BUT let it dry out between 2 watering. Quick Shop Hoya pubicalyx Pink-Silver IML 0183 H76. $12.00 shipping. Hoya is a huge plant genus. Hoya pubicalyx 'Pink Silver' is a woody, epiphyte or scrambling shrub. $12.00 shipping. 3" Hoya Fungii $45.00 5" Hoya Krimson Queen HB $25.00 3" Hoya UT-039 $40.00 6" Hoya Macrophylla Variegata Hanging Basket $45.00 5" Hoya Australis HB $30.00 4.5" Hoya Macrophylla HB $35.00 4" Hoya Kerrii $25.00 3" Hoya Surigaoensis $40.00 4.5" Hoya Australis HB $20.00 6" Hoya Krimson Princess But most will bear gorgeous flowers with an amazing scent. Hoya fungii, amazing and so fuzzy. Hoya NOID. HOYA ALDRICHII. (1) $14.99 Regular price $24.99 It's very tolerant and produces blooms that have a light fragrance. Sold Out. Hoya Krimson Queen Care Guide . $8.00 shipping. sun/shade : full sun to partial shade. Most come from South-East Asia. H. purpureofusca ?? Rare, freshly rooted cutting in a 4in pot. Common name : Hoya . If you just look at the leaves this hoya could easily be mistaken for Hoya motoskei. " Beautiful Hoya fungii rooted cutting growing in LECA. 55136: HOYA FINLAYSONII: ASC: $14.00: Dark five inch leaves with darker veining, flowers yellow and red. Hoya NOID. Does not flower as readily as H. fungii. Hoya fungii – Rooted cutting. When I received my small plant, it was growing in a very hard plug of coconut husk that was impossible to remove. 0. Hoya pubicalyx Pink-Silver IML 0183 H76. ... My Hoya Bella actually has 2 on it. 0. It was the first to flower out of the 13 plants that came in the box. Lovely "Mindanao Mini Hoya" from that Philippine origin with dense oval pubescent coin leaves, darker on the felted surface, paired on lax scandent stems decorated with scented clusters of mini yellow eyed pink blossoms. Hoya Rooted cutting. Good grower and bloomer. Hoya Acuta Pink ESTABLISHED - Collection No: 55 - Indoor Outdoor Wax Plant. Will ship as is, with sphagnum moss for moisture. Ending Friday at 5:39PM PST 2d 20h. hoya plants, hoya nursery thailand, hoya nursery, ah hoya nursery, thailand hoya nursery, ah hoya, suanlangbang, hoya cutting สวนหลังบ้าน ขายโฮย่า ไม้นิ้ว ไม้รุ่่น … $42.00. ***All plants are worldwide shipping need to Phytosanitary Certificate for … Temperature: 21-28˚C . HOYA CYSTIANTHA and HOYA DANUMENSIS - 2 bushy to viney beauties. 1 acuta albomarginata 2 acuta iml 3 acuta variegata 4 acuta yellow variegata 5 aff finlaysonii 6 aff. AU $15.00 postage. 76. Hoya Carnosa pink flower - No. Among the most successful for house or lite garden culture. Hoya globulosa - a strong climber with large veined leaves, yellow flowers. Choose a country to see content specific to your location. Hardiness : Not lower than 14° C. Height : Vine, up to 3m. Yucaipa, CA USA 92399. (909)831-0377 Overall information : Hoya is a huge plant family.Most come from South-East Asia. $100.00. AU $16.00 postage. $13.99. Perfect for beginners! IML 12 (guppyii) Hoya sp. Soil : well drained soil.Hoya hates clogged soil !!! Vigorous grower and good bloomer. Pretty in pink Krimson Queen- outside year round, and ever changing. Hoya fungii. Hoya cuttings lot. Erythrostemma “hat som paen” 7 aff. or Best Offer. Gardens and Tickets. Hoya publicalix ‘Silver Pink’ ... Hoya fungii ? Some grow very fast while others grow very slow. Square Hoya sp. Hoya fungii X Hoya pubicalyx is a cultivar from the Apocynaceae family.This Hoya grows well and flowers more easily than others; blooms are arranged in a cluster, they have a rich pink corolla and creamy coloured corona.. Pot: 10.5cm diameter Foliage/Height: Approximately 40cm from base of pot. Vietnam Tanna hoya sp. Sumatra GPS1775 Hoya sp. ホヤ フンギー | Hoya fungii サクララン 桜蘭 現品 観葉植物 観葉 植物 珍奇植物 珍奇 珍しい レア 希少 つる性 つる性植物 ハンギング 吊るす 吊り下げ インテリア かわいい おしゃれ プレゼント 開店祝い 新生活 おうち時間 グリーン アートプランツ UNSOLICITED PLANT TALKS. albiflora: Hoya albiflora IML 0299: Hoya aldrichii: Hoya aldrichii IML 1418: Hoya amoena GPS 7216: Hoya 'Annakey' (nicholsoniae x erythrina) Hoya anulata: Hoya anulata IML 1120: Hoya archboldiana (pink) Hoya archboldiana (white) H. archboldiana x H. onychoides: Hoya aff. The leaves are 75–150 mm long and 35–60 mm wide with a 10–15 mm long. United Kingdom. Hoya pubicalyx wax plant wax plant 4 inch pot. AU $50.00. She’s about 15 years old. Hoya aldrichii originates from Christmas Island an Australian territory in the north-eastern Indian Ocean and is from the Apocynaceae family. Hoya is a huge plant family. Hoya NOID. collector plant Comes in black bag ! Hoya aldrichii is a tall climber. Soil. South Africa. LTL1 (bottom) dasyantha, Tsiang D-Flower and growth quite similar to H. fungii but flowers a bit smaller and leaves more acute. esqueje,enraizar, flor, pedúnculo, hoya, carnosa, publicalyx, fungii, krimson, queen, princess, red, buttons, silver, pink, flor de la cera I traded this hoya in April 2007. Hoya NOID. HOYA DIPTERA IML0261: ASC: $13.00: Waxy flat leaves with pale yellow flowers. Hoya Australis establish mature wax plant. (gigas) Hoya sp. okänd 14. Some grow very fast while others grow very slow. 25 watching. Buy Hoya Carnosa Tricolour Krimson Queen Variegated in Singapore,Singapore. 55131: HOYA DIVERSIFOLIA: ASC: $12.00: Pink and white flowers, leaves vary in size, some getting quite large. 219. Om mig. Mia Lite lagom lat och vimsig,medelåldrig svenska, gift och bosatt i Norge med 2 vuxna söner. It will live happily under shade down to 0o C in winter. Flower colour : See picture. Size: Notify me when this product is available Add me to the store mailing list. Will include nutrient water for growing in LECA. Hoya scortechinii pink and white Deze twee Hoya's vandaag uit Thailand ontvangen, twee hele grote Hoya's. rooted seedling ( 1pc ) Add to cart. ... Hoya fungii. Origin : South East Asia. Hoya cutis-porcelana came to me as a small plant in my early May order from AH Hoyas in Thailand. House Plants Plant Diseases Weird Plants Plants Plant Care Houseplant Large Flower Pots Plant Pictures Wax Flowers Unusual Plants. Fungii has been one of my fastest growing hoyas. ! 21 watching. This is very handsome plant. H. meliflua ssp fraterna ? $10.00 shipping. Hoya fungii Large pubescent emerald green leaves with dark green veins. Secrets to success . I legit screamed when I saw it!!! But most will bear amazing flowers with a gorgeous smell. Hoya lacunosa 'Borneo' RED. Hoya Incrassata ?? halophila 8 affinis 9 alagensis NS05-232 10 aldrichii IML 11 amoena 12 anncajanoae 13 anulata 14 archboldiana pink 15 archboldiana white 16 australis circle leaf 17 australis lisa 18 australis ssp sanae 19 australis ssp.