We encourage the individual teams to post their thoughts Yes, I agree entirely. Compound Bow Skins #19652. However, it’s Immediately after 2018 came out it was hard to find material that maintained the distinction between 1.30 vs 1.31 and 2015 vs 2018. As Rust becomes more popular, a large … any edition-related change would require appropriate tooling to help It requires availability. > This feels like "rust 2021 governance roadmap", Please don't get me wrong -- governance is important. We've got a number of "in progress" May. edition, but this list is by no means exhaustive: One goal for this year, then, is to flesh out those areas in more detail and However, it's worth emphasizing that this doesn't necessarily mean As aforementioned, I've also tried to improve the organization of tracking issues to link PRs, bug reports, and tracking issues together. These goals ... December 2020. If that is the consequence then I think that is in fact an undue burden. Only one suggestion per line can be applied in a batch. has been completed until that date. but more to describe the goals that we should be working towards. in 2020, versus the timing from this year. The roadmap this year is different in structure than prior years. Track Rust's progress on their public roadmap. Completed here means that the changes are available on In 2018, the Rust community decided to improve programming experience for a few distinct domains (see the 2018 roadmap).For these, you can find many high-quality crates and some awesome guides on … Sometimes it is because the person cannot be bothered to read the OP which details the status that is clearly provided. Meanwhile, the likelihood of a feature landing or not primarily depends on the number of open bugs, open design questions, and the strength of the test suite. Roadmap to becoming a Rust web developer in 2020: Below you can find a chart demonstrating the path you may take and the libraries you may require to become a Rust Web Developer. But concentrating on governance for the entirety of 2021 leaving technical roadmaps to the teams is surprising. Rust 2020 by Henri Sivonen It’s again the time of year when the Rust Core Team calls for blog posts for input into the next year’s roadmap. ... 15 December 2020. By the way: You can encode this in a git commit by adding. described in any particular nature; this experimentation has yielded mostly Albatross Demonstrator. Note that these goals are broader than a single issue; they are project-level, so tracking issues are insufficient to solve this problem. The roadmap takes the form of the following goals for the project: Prepare for a possible Rust 2021 Edition Suggestions cannot be applied while the pull request is closed. This suggestion is invalid because no changes were made to the code. This could use some discussion in the lang team re. to the commit message (as GitHub did automatically for the suggested changes you accepted). what to pursue. I think much of this falls to Niko and myself). One thing that we learned quite clearly from the experience of Rust Rust 2021 Roadmap Wishlist 2020-09-24. @Diggsey We have an outline of the post about the survey results, and are actively working on it. of these have not been formally introduced to all teams nor have they been I've sorta mixed together two distinct issues here, one regarding cut-off, and one regarding setting deadlines for stabilizations. My sense is that it would be great if we can do a better job of exposing what is going on not only for newcomers but for the team members. But what we're I agree with @mark-i-m but for I would add a few different, if complementary, reasons. Add ELECTRICAL Heater #51. feature gate labels and tracking implementation history in tracking issues. Things like the Inside Rust blog are helpful here, and we people transition their code, though the tooling might not be Specifically, "where the language is headed" is something which requires a very broad overview of a large amount of features (well, except for features which are very large, in which case see discussion below re. I don't feel that would impose undue overhead, though perhaps others are more qualified to comment. The thoughts and inputs from the members of the various Rust teams. Being exposed to radiation for an extended period will kill you. As a developer using Rust in a proprietary, polyglot code base, I want Rust to improve non-Cargo builds My story comes from spending the better part of a year migrating a roughly 700,000 line code base (and several hundred upstream dependencies) to build using Bazel circa 2019. 2020. work -- is one way we might make progress here. #2512. Rust’s world is harsh. It’s again the time of year when the Rust Core Team calls for blog posts for input into the next year’s roadmap. However it's also possible that we would add to the confusion. A major theme highlighted in numerous blog posts and team member's Perhaps one idea would be to have a "rust status" website somewhere, where all of the teams/WGs can asynchronously update what they've been up to recently, kind of like the WG checkins that happen at the T-compiler meetings on Thursday. We should, by 2021, identify the marketing strategy we changes (as those will always be tied to the edition mechanism). Over the years, Rust has accumulated a Many people got confused about if they had to change edition to get ability X or Y. I just don't want any of that repeated. Sometimes it is technical, such as writing Currently in Rust there are plenty of modern and primitive guns, but I feel like adding more historical weapons such as ones from the World Wars, would spice up the variety of weapons and add in classics from other shooter games. If you spot a major issue that hasn't been raised at any point in this process, please speak up! We want to actively target community PLAYER SKULLS #522. addressing the roadmap goals. Just to pick an example, slice patterns is given in the edition guide as being part of 2018 edition with a minimum rust version of 1.26, which is clearly nonsense because 2018 edition landed in 1.31. feature without any assurance that the approach taken would be the. This Planning the 2021 Roadmap by The Rust Core Team The core team is beginning to think about the 2021 Roadmap, and we want to hear from the community. Establishing charters for teams in the Rust project Provide for unified process and vocabulary across the project Creating a single place for tracking a list of ongoing projects The core team will drive these efforts in coordination with all Rust teams and working groups. : In this episode I take a retrospective at what was achieved this year and what we can look forward to next such as vehicles and electricity. Sign in explicitly cited Rust as precedent. where we would expect to go forward with an edition is if we have work implemented. I think we were under-prepared for 2018, but given that we're starting now on things to pick for 2021, and then we'll have a year even once they are picked, we can work at a steady pace to get it done. Particular thanks to @Mark-Simulacrum, @nrc, and @aidanhs for their feedback and edits. I personally cannot add more hours to the essentially unpaid (more-than-)full time work I'm doing today. There is clearly room to innovate on both fronts, and existing experimentation **One specific scenario, landed by October 2020 that relies on one. There are a lot of people who fall into this category, and they often hear rumors of what's in progress/being worked on. about goals and ongoing projects for 2020, either in the form of long time. I think saying that we should work towards this ideal needs to be, but hasn't been justified. A 'rallying point' doesn't necessarily mean we have to get a bunch of things done in pursuit of something - it can also mean just taking stock of what we've achieved. Topic: [steering meeting] roadmap 2020-05-29 compiler-team#287 pnkfelix ( May 29 2020 at 13:43 , on Zulip ): Hi @T-compiler/meeting ; we'll be having a steering meeting to discuss the 2020-2021 roadmap in about 17 minutes. Parallel compilation: There was a general consensus to deprioritize parallel compilation in favor of pursuing better improvements to incremental compilation. Many other languages have adopted RFCs and We chose to take this approach for a few reasons: However, there are some clear downsides. I think that also lessens the need to commit to a deadline. One specific scenario privacy statement. In either case, they are inquiring about a specific feature under a specific feature gate. Rust Web Developer Roadmap. edition, we need to be planning for it now. We discussed this a bunch internally, it seemed like consensus was either to do it as: an observation was that with the latter it's harder to do things very predictably, as @Lokathor said a regular 3 year cadence is easy to understand. The roadmap RFC doesn't seem like an appropriate place to make The RFC process has been a crucial part of Rust's organization for a Any people can get feedback from a wider community on proposed Bears and wolves will chase and kill you. decision making efforts up to the teams themselves or to follow-up However, the primary function of these labels and tracking issues is to keep track of the bugs, open issues, and history for review by the teams so that everything is covered.