For more detail on how to best train for the Walker’s Haute Route, check out our post here.Â. Where to stay: Hotel La Reserve (for those staying in St. Niklaus) // Hotel Alpenrosli (for those staying in Gasenried prior to starting the Europaweg – see below) It is certainly more difficult than its popular cousin, the Tour du Mont Blanc. the High Route or Mountaineers Route between Chamonix, France and Zermatt, Switzerland is the mother of all hut-to-hut alpine traverses. You can expect warm, sunny days, cool evenings, and relatively little rain. The weather on the Walker’s Haute Route can change in an instant! The villages and towns along the route have a wide variety of hotels, gites, auberges. - Florida, Arrive in the beautiful Chamonix Valley and enjoy an afternoon excursion to the Aiguille du Midi (or similar mountain excursion) on the world's highest vertical ascent cable car. You’ll take a few transfers at strategic points to skip the lesser scenic parts of the trip while still doing most of the full route. The alternate route via Hotel Weisshorn and the Meidpass to Gruben is shown in purple. From Le Peuty continue along the road for 10 – 15 minutes before reaching the town of Trient with its lovely pink church. The walk starts with tremendous views as you walk high above the Lac de Moiry as you approach the Col. Once you reach the Col de Sorebois you’ll be treated to some incredible views of the mountains beyond. Unless photography is your passion, most smartphones take great photos and save a ton of space and weight. The Haute Route Ski Tour Overview. How much it costs to hike the Walker’s Haute Route is one of the most common questions I’m asked. Here’s a few tips for ensuring you pack weight is manageable: Keeping your pack weight down will help immensely on the Walker’s Haute Route. Haute Route Ski History & Itineraries: This is from Wikipedia and has good alternate itinerary descriptions. Distance & Elevation: 13.5 km // +1,352 m, -748 m Finally, arriving in Arolla, one of the most charming alpine villages along the route and a popular base for day hikes in the Swiss Alps. Alternatively, walkers can opt to take the Col de Torrent alternate route if they do not plan to stay at Cabane de Moiry as shown on the map below. )  Getting caught high up in the mountains during a storm or without the right gear is extremely dangerous, but you can greatly minimize your risk by taking a few important precautions: There is no shortage of excellent accommodation options along the Walker’s Haute Route. Enjoy stunning views of the Trient Glacier and be sure to exercise caution on the initial descent from the top of the pass. Note that it is possible to utilize the cable car in Le Chable to Les Ruinettes via Verbier before continuing on to Cabane du Mont Fort. The descent from the top of the Augstbordpass will bring incredible views of the Alps beyond. Expect beautiful warm days and abundant wildflowers. If you have trouble finding accommodation in Gasenried, head a bit further to the village of Grachen. When we hiked the Walker’s Haute Route we did not rely on traditional, paper maps that are available for the route. The route traverses over 200 km and crosses 11 mountain passes on its journey from Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn. Walker’s Haute Route. Weather on the Walker’s Haute Route can be extremely volatile. The first, and the one we recommend is  Chamonix to Zermatt: The Classic Walker’s Haute Route published by Cicerone Trekking Guides. Generally speaking, we recommend hiking between mid-July and late-August to have the best chance at good weather and to ensure most of the mountain passes will be free from snow. The low-level alternate route from St. Niklaus to Zermatt is shown in purple. You may wake up to heavy rain in the valley, see snow on the mountain tops, and be hiking in the sun by the end of the day! If you’d like to take a closer look at all the possible route options, check out our Walker’s Haute Route | Maps & Route article here.Â. Our best advice is to be sure you are in good physical condition and also make sound decisions when you encounter bad weather or snow. Distance & Elevation: 14 km // +410 m, -1,060 m Incredible mountain passes, pastoral villages, jaw-dropping views, friendly locals, exceptional cuisine, and the sense of completing one of the world’s great hikes. Most of the valleys and villages along the route have fully serviced campgrounds, making an easy option for those carrying a tent. There is also an alternate route down from the Sorebois ski lift to Zinal that winds its way on much gentler paths than the traditional route. To be best prepared we recommend focusing on the following: Finally, beyond simply being physically fit it is important to make sure you are mentally prepared for the rigors of the Walker’s Haute Route. 7-Day Haute Route Tour Info. You should be capable of walking 6 to 9 hours per day on good, but occassionaly rugged trails with some steep ascents and descents (averaging 3,000 to 4,000 vertical feet per day) at an elevation up to 10,000 feet above sea level. However, you still have lots of preparation before you’re truly ready! Be sure to read our entire series on the Haute Route to learn everything you’ll need to know to prepare for your trip! Haute Route, the world’s leading cycling event series, and Colnago, the most storied cycling brand in the world, have announced an exciting new partnership. Hiking along sparkling mountain streams you arrive in the quiet seasonal hamlet of Gruben where you’ll spend the evening. Stage 6 of the Walker’s Haute Route from Cabane de Prafleuri to Arolla. Stage 7 of the Walker’s Haute Route from Arolla to La Sage. All told, some 2,000 skiers travel the Haute Route every year in a season that begins in early March and runs, if conditions allow, well into May. 10 Essentials for the Walker’s Haute Route: Need-to-know basics. #quarantinegarden #patiogarden #container, Celebrating one incredible year since this perfect, Finally catching up on sharing photos from the las, Another latergram, this time from Angkor Wat, Camb, Still trying to get caught up on these updates. Walker’s Haute Route Packing List: Be sure you’ve got everything you need! The Col de la Chaux alternate route is shown in purple. Where to stay: Hôtel du Glacier For those who opt to take this route, the following day (Stage 11) you’ll cross the Meidpass before rejoining the main Walker’s Haute Route in Gruben. Description: Stage five is a very difficult stage and the route often holds snow well into July. From St. Niklaus, walkers will follow a lovely valley path that travels through the villages of Randa and Tasch en route to Zermatt. The Haute Route, a.k.a. Heading down to the Grand Dixence dam, a private shuttle will speed your ascent to La Gouille. The alternate option of crossing the adjacent Col de Riedmatten is often considered more difficult and we would recommend that most trekkers opt for the Pas de Chèvres. The Haute Route starts in France and finishes in Switzerland, which leads to the obvious question: ‘What happens if one of the countries visited on the Haute Route is ‘closed’ – will the trip still go ahead?’ A – If Switzerland is ‘closed’, the trip will be cancelled and you will receive a full refund. Note: You will spend this evening in a 1-star hotel. This is the event they were made for. The Walker’s Haute Route is a classic alpine trek that connects the two mountain villages of Chamonix, France and Zermatt, Switzerland. The Walker’s Haute Route offers the best of what the Alps have to offer. We recommend AlpyBus.  On the other end, Zermatt is easily accessed by train from Geneva, Zurich, and many other Swiss cities. Personalised Hiking Itinerary, Map and Planning portal. Stage 12 of the Walker’s Haute Route from Gasenried to Europa Hut. You’ll gain over 1,800 meters of elevation as you make your way from the valley to the spectacularly situated Cabane de Mont Fort. The Walker’s Haute Route does not require any mountaineering skills, but it should be considered a very difficult trek. classic haute route hiking tour - Haute Route - Hike the original Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt - the classic high Alpine trek that links Mont Blanc with the Matterhorn across a series of the most spectacular peaks and mountain passes in Europe. Description: A welcome change after yesterday’s challenging walk, stage three is mellow throughout. Stage-by-stage Itinerary for the Walker’s Haute Route, Getting to and from the Walker’s Haute Route, How to train for the Walker’s Haute Route, cable car in Le Chable to Les Ruinettes via Verbier. As you approach the finish of the trek you’ll find yourself among Zermatt’s many ski slopes and the increased number of tourists they attract. Alpenwild trips are designed for people who are energetic, active, and filled with a spirit of adventure. We recommend hiking the Walker’s Haute Route over 10 – 15 days depending on your hiking ability, pace preferences, and weather conditions. This will eliminate much of the hiking today if you are in need of an easier trek. However, you also need to be prepared for very hot temperatures, very cold temperatures, rain, and storms (and you could even see all of these in the same day! If France is closed but Switzerland is open, we will meet in Martigny and ski the Haute Route to Zermatt from there. Either way be sure to take your time and exercise caution as you approach the top of the pass and on the ladders. the rest of my life. Enjoy a final descent before celebrating an incredible achievement in Zermatt! If you’re interested in getting access to the GPS data used to create all of the maps in this post, we are happy to offer our Walker’s Haute Route GPX files for only $4.99. When you download the GPX file, you’ll get route data for each of the traditional stages of the Walker’s Haute Route as well as all of the common alternate route, plus waypoints for each stop along the way. Do you have some specific hiking, accommodation, route or time preferences for the Haute Route? Accommodation will be busy so be sure to book ahead. You’ll be rewarded with fewer people on the trail, although some accommodation may be closed for the season. The Hiker’s Haute Route (often called the Walker’s Haute Route) consists of a spectacular series of trails linking Chamonix to Zermatt, marked by high, steep passes, quiet trails, and stunning mountain scenery. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Privacy Policy, Advertiser Disclosure & Legal Disclaimer, Type on the field below and hit Enter/Return to search, on The Ultimate Guide to the Walker’s Haute Route, It's been a darn good fall so far. The primary route takes the spectacular Sentier des Chamois trail before crossing the Col Termin. Description: The first stage of the Walker’s Haute Route is a perfect introduction to trekking in the Alps. You can purchase all of these maps on the Swiss Topo website here. Another busy month on the trail, hikers can expect snow-free paths and warm, sunny weather. Cell phone service is very limited along the route, so it is critical to have a good offline mapping app such as Gaia GPS to ensure you’ll be able to view the map at any point along the route. Long days, bad weather, and empty stomachs can significantly dampen your mood and wear on your mental strength. The Haute Route is also a very strenuous tour, with many high passes to cross and very few easy options for shorter days or bad … Description: Stage two of the Walker’s Haute Route is one of the most demanding of the entire trek, but is also incredibly rewarding. It provides a natural high that cannot be found within our city walls. However, it is still a lovely walk and we highly recommend it should you have bad weather. Description: Stage 11 brings trekkers on the Walker’s Haute Route over their final mountain pass and into the Mattertal valley, at the base of which sits Zermatt. Enter custom title (optional) This topic is locked. The Alp Bovine route is shown in purple. (BSD), Ascent: 3609 feet | Descent: 2247 feet | Distance: 10 miles, After cresting a small pass, where edelweiss flowers dot the rocky slopes, you’ll follow the lakeshore of the Lac de Dix. We will spend the evening in St-Luc at the exquisite Hotel Bella Tola. The trek is strenuous, but certainly nothing compared to some of the more difficult stages you’ve already completed. In a move focused on providing unrivalled support for cyclists participating in all Haute Route events, Colnago has taken on the role of title partner for the iconic cycling series. Where to stay: Hotel Aiguille de La Tza After amazing days on the bike, take advantage of the amenities in some of France’s most famous ski resorts. How difficult is the Walker’s Haute Route? These will suit almost any taste from more luxurious hotels to simple bunk rooms catering to the budget traveler. You’ll leave La Sage and immediately begin the long ascent up the Col du Tsaté which will bring walkers into the stunning Val de Moiry. The Alp Bovine route is shown on the map below as an alternate. Most international travelers starting the trek in Chamonix will arrive at the Geneva Airport. This is where the sport of mountaineering was born in the 19th century, and just a glance at the 360-degree panorama explains why: 10 of the 12 highest peaks in the Alps, including Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn, rise along this magnificent “high route.” As we pass the Lac de l'Armina and ascend the Meidpass where we leave the French-speaking region of Valais and enter the German-speaking Turtmanntal. We ascend Alp Bovine for commanding views up the Rhone Valley. Last reply was Mon, 01 Aug 2011 06:49:51 +0000. Where to stay: Auberge du Mont Blanc You’ll dip into a rocky glacial section and ford a runoff stream—a perfect setting to study glacial retreat. Trekker must then navigate across the Col de Prafleuri before descending to the mountain hut by the same name. Distance & Elevation: 17 km // +1,239 m, -1,138 m Consider leaving your bulky camera equipment at home. The Walker’s Haute Route has many variations and route options as it winds it way from Chamonix to Zermatt. We wrote an entire article dedicated to giving you the best, most in-depth information on everything concerning Haute Route logistics. Check-in with the warden at Cabane du Mont Fort before deciding which route to take. (BSD), Ascent: 2800 feet | Descent: 2198 feet | Distance: 6 miles, A forest ascent leads above treeline to offer views of the Val d'Anniviers and then a crown of four 4,000-meter peaks, including the Matterhorn. For those who are not interested in completing the Europaweg trail to finish the Walker’s Haute Route, a mellow valley trail makes a great alternative. In this European Alps ski tour, we traverse the spectacular alpine ski touring terrain from the Mont Blanc massif in Chamonix to the Matterhorn in Zermatt through the heart of the Valais Alps of Switzerland. Given those facts, spending some time in the weeks and months before your trip will do wonders to help prepare you. The Walker's Haute Route (aka 'the High Route') is a legendary high level trek, connecting Chamonix and Zermatt. Traversing from Chamonix in France to Zermatt in Switzerland by foot will give you an appreciation of these mountains that most can only dream of. From Les Hauderes it is a short and pleasant climb to the endpoint for the day in La Sage. If you’re interested in camping along the Walker’s Haute Route we highly recommend you read our Guide to Camping on the Walker’s Haute Route here.Â. Be prepared with either micro-spikes or crampons and know how to safely navigate snow covered terrain.  Expect cool evenings, bright sunny days, and less crowded trails. - R.O. The Haute Route – The Most Scenic Trek in Europe. The Walker's Haute Route is a 14 day trek from Chamonix to Zermatt, or in different words from the base of the Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn, one of the most iconic mountains in the world. The low-level alternate route from St. Niklaus to Zermatt is shown in purple. Plan out when/where you’ll restock food provisions and don’t carry more food than you need. Haute Route Trip Report: Know what to expect on the trail! This is a popular month to hike the trail. The Haute Route ski tour is a classic Alps ski tour that every backcountry skier should experience. Ten of the 12 highest peaks in the Alps, including Mont Blanc and the crooked spire of the Matterhorn, rise along this magnificent “high route,” along with plentiful glaciers, cool mountain tarns, and meadows full of wildflowers. The Complete Guide to Camping in Great Sand Dunes National Park, The Complete Guide to the Laugavegur Trail | Map, Routes, and Itineraries, Average Hut Price:  40 CHF (dorm only) or 80 CHF (half pension), Average Campsite Price: 15 CHF (per person), Meal at hut or restaurant: 20-30 CHF (per person). We start hiking in Argentière and trek all the way to Zermatt, using 1 short cable car journey to enable reaching the Mont Fort hut the same day that we leave Champex. Distance & Elevation: 11 km // +670 m, -1,007 m While this may be a good option for some, we highly recommend spending a night at the Cabane de Moiry with its spectacular views! Be sure to check out our interactive map and elevation profile for the route to get a comprehensive understanding of all of your options! This evening we stay at the lively Cabane de Prafleuri. Copyright © 2005-2020 In this situation we’d recommend you bring your own camp stove and cooking equipment if you plan on fixing most of your own meals along the Haute Route. In that case you’ll plan to stay either at the base of the Lac de Moiry at the Cabane Barrage de Moiry or continue on into the town of Grimentz where more accommodation is available. Where to stay: Hotel de la Sage 1-3: 50k of lea, Babies. Our can’t miss mountain huts along the Walker’s Haute Route are: Camping along the Walker’s Haute Route is possible for the majority of the stages with a bit of creativity. Your email address will not be published. We give you here a … Distance & Elevation: 16 km // +655 m, -1,806 m Where to stay: Hotel Schwarzhorn  (option for an alternate route to stay at Hotel Weisshorn) Stage 5 of the Walker’s Haute Route from Cabane du Mont Fort to Cabane de Prafleuri. Check it out here.Â. You should be an experienced hiker in good physical condition. Another good option is Walker’s Haute Route: Chamonix to Zermatt published by Knife Edge Outdoors. Upon reaching the quaint village of Jungen you’ll have the option of taking a cable car descent into St. Niklaus to rest tired legs. Distance & Elevation: 11 km // +1,724 m, -574 m Hike up to an enchanting glacial lake, Lac Bleu, colored a vivid blue by the combined effects of algae and clays. Walker’s Haute Route Logistics: Don’t forget the small details! The Tour du Mont Blanc and the Walker’s Haute Route are more similar than they are different. It was then developed into a ski route and, more recently, a high-level alpine hiking route. After several difficult stages trekkers can finally enjoy a relatively easy day on stage seven of the Walker’s Haute Route. September can be a lovely time to be in the Alps. One of the many wonderful things about the Walker’s Haute Route is that you don’t need to worry about carrying two weeks’  worth of food. Description: Phew! Additionally, all of the huts along the route serve excellent meals and will often be able to pack a lunch for you for the following day. Both treks promise over 100 miles (170-188 km) of strenuous elevation changes through high Alpine country. Along the way, she will visit glaciers, mountain tarns and a number of charming hamlets—all set to the backdrop of some of the most stunning 13,120 feet (4,000 meters) peaks in … The most scenic trek in the Alps; connecting Mont Blanc with the Matterhorn, On the Haute Route from Vevey to Lac Louvie. The Summer Haute Route or 'high-route' is a spectacular and demanding trek through the French and Swiss Alps, from Chamonix in France to Zermatt in Switzerland. The Cabane is certainly one of the most spectacular places to spend the night on the Walker’s Haute Route with its up-close views of the Moiry Glacier. Over 13 stages you’ll gain nearly 1,000 meters each day and much of your time will be spent above tree line. That being said, the Walker’s Haute Route should be able to be completed by reasonably fit hikers who are adequately prepared for the trek (read more on that below). He, Guide to Camping on the Tour of Mont Blanc, Guide to Hiking from Aspen to Crested Butte, Guide to Camping on the West Highland Way, Guide to Camping on the Walker’s Haute Route, The Ultimate Guide to the Coast to Coast Walk, The Complete Guide to Snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park. Where to stay: Cabane de Moiry The Haute Route Season runs from mid-March to the end of April – this is when the glacier and snow conditions are generally best for the route and therefore when the mountain huts are open, along with all the uplift and other infrastructure supporting the route. You can just show up for lunch, but you’ll need to order ahead of time for dinner. Description: The final stage of the Walker’s Haute Route will take you across the famous and spectacular Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge, the world’s longest suspension bridge. There are many variants to the Haute Route, including Grand Lui Variation, Zermatt-Saas Fee, Verbier-Zermatt. Accommodation options on the Walker’s Haute Route are typical of most multi-day treks through the Alps with an excellent network of mountain huts, campsites, and hotels available to suit all preferences (learn more below). Evening at our lakeside hotel in Champex-Lac. If you haven’t completed a long-distance trek before you’ll want to be sure you’re keeping a positive attitude and embracing the challenges as a part of the journey! It is important to note that there is a popular alternate route on Stage five that avoids the Sentier des Chamois trail altogether. Where to stay: Hotel Le Trift Depending on the snow levels, there could be sections that will be impassible and you may need to reroute. We highly recommend for anyone with tired legs! And it deserves serious support. We can guarantee you’ll have a better experience on the Walker’s Haute Route if you invest some time before your trek ensuring you’re in good hiking shape. For a complete packing list, check out this article. The hiking season for the Walker’s Haute Route lasts from late-June through mid-September. You're free to opt out at any time. Due to the presence of agricultural activity near large swaths of the trail, we do not recommend drinking any water from natural streams without filtering it first. You’ll be treated to fresh-baked bread, excellent dinners, beer and wine, and simple sleeping quarters. I’ve created over 30 different personalised itineraries for the Haute Route so there is a good chance I can help. Alpine Treks specialise in the Walker's Haute Route and offer a large choice of guided and self-guided Haute Route walking holidays in 2020.. The Haute Route was established almost a hundred years ago as a high mountaineering route that linked together two of Europe’s premier mountaineering centers, Chamonix and Zermatt. However, generally speaking, the weather during the hiking season is quite enjoyable. The 7-day tour is a great choice if you want the best hiking the Haute Route has to offer but don’t have time for the full 14-day trip. As you descend into Jungen, an exciting gondola ride takes you to the valley floor, where the train to Zermatt awaits. Description: The Europaweg trail is a two-day trek that completes the final section of the Walker’s Haute Route. With my antisocial streak and limited time I think I’ll do a small (up to five day) section of the HR to get a taste and spend a bit longer on the gr5 and/or in the pyrenees. Where to stay: Europa Hut (Europahütte) Of course, many of the stops on the Walker’s Haute Route do not occur in alpine villages, but rather at spectacular mountain huts.