video i bunden af teksten). However, this one gets a lot of “oh-my-gosh-this-is-cool” points, even if it takes 30+ minutes to finally assemble. Secure Checkout. The ultralight hammock stand by DD hammocks is based on simple physical laws. Requires good staking. My previous stand was made from two 6′ 2″ diameter bamboo poles that were pegged out with 18″ steel “homey D” construction stakes. I don’t have any trees in my backyard, and I’m not looking for a DIY project. Have you seen this product yet? Den passer til alle DD Hammocks egne hængekøjer, og så fungerer den også rigtig fint med Hennessy Hammock og sikkert også andre (se evt. Sleeping Pad, Feathered Friends Flicker 40 Quilt Sleeping Bag, HydroBlu Versa Flow Water Filter w/CNOC Reservoir, Improved campgrounds where camping is restricted to specific “plots” and trees are not reachable, Hanging hammocks on trees is not allowed (in certain national and state parks, for example), At group camping events (e.g., bicycle touring; local or national scouting camporees or jamborees) where you must camp in large fields, On river trips where camping is restricted to sandy riverbanks, At locations where there is no vegetation–no trees, no nothing (e.g., much of the American Southwest: Arches, Escalante, Grand Canyon, etc.). Amazonas Tonga Sumo Set (4 Colours) £179.00. The tripods can be built in a variety of ways for easier storage, but most use long struts. Our easy-to-use original hammock. DD Hammock - Frontline Model. This is the only stand that can easily accommodate more than one hammock by design. View now. Buy Now on Amazon. If it helps I’m planning on buying a eno hammock, or therma-rest around the same time.. What is the difference or advantage(s) between 9ft and 12ft? Wow I had no idea that there were people out there that loved hammocks as much as me. I’ve tried and failed with those screw in dog tie outs? To use with a longer hammock, the central spacer cord can be adjusted. Thanks! This was the stand I used to take on demonstrations, but the poles flex when you get in, making the tarp sag. Permanent Hammock Stand: Nothing finer than spending an afternoon relaxing in a hammock!I own several hammocks, a Hennessy Asym Delux Explorer, DD Camping hammock and a custom clone of a Warbonnet as they weren't until recently available in the UK and I'm tempted to get the… He has a 2×4 option and a conduit option. Quickview More Details. Please see full Terms & Conditions at DD Hammocks' website. How much are they? The weight of your body keeps it all together. Can be hard to fit in a sedan trunk if the struts are too long (put the seats down!). DD hammocks h Free Shipping and Returns. BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY! Very portable, but you still need those heavy stakes,and a sledge to drive them in. Comments: This is the only backpacker-friendly stand on the market. I have been in search of a portable hammock stand for years. To make matters worse, I live in the American Southwest, a region known more for red rocks and sand dunes than forests and trees. The stand requires some good anchoring to prevent tipping, especially with one occupant. You will also find a variety of hammocks and accessories that will allow you to camp out and sleep in a hammock offering you a lightweight alternative to carrying a tent. Let me reiterate the importance of good anchoring with these stands. This stand is adjustable and you can even buy an extension adapter to go really long (up to 180 in/457 cm). And what better place to hang around than in one of Crua Outdoors ultra-comfortable hammocks. Here are a few examples: I’ve learned many (often expensive and even painful) lessons during this “collection” process. Sturdy: The design is based on tensegrity, which channels compressive forces through the struts. Add to Cart. All you need is a couple of sturdy trees. Or just hang from both trees (off to one side) and put a 6 foot pole up to raise one end of the hammock back up.

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