The 52 Best Songs That Defined the 2010s. On “Rap God,” Eminem reached the peak of his pathetic comeback by fulfilling his unchecked ego and proving that he never needs to mature if his problematic self can keep him this popular. The song is simple to the point where it only works under the knowledge that it coincided with the invention of country and pop music, so you can forgive the Carter Family for not putting a little more effort into making it interesting. The chorus features some high-pitched alien robot saying “thunder,” so that we all know what the song title is. ), But that definitely doesn’t mean you should (Ho!). Discover UK showbiz and celebrity breaking news from the MailOnline. × #1 On Your Birthday; Charts; Quiz/Apps; Famous Birthdays × Famous Birthdays; First Names; Last Names; Your Celebrity … Anyway, the song is practically nothing at a brisk 3 minutes of tropical beat stuff. I will always be stunned by the amount of young people that need a song to just be a vessel to perform and share their shit choreography. By Pitchfor k. October 7, 2019. The emo scene of the mid-2000s was crowded. Put him next to Rihanna and you’ve got a breakup jam that will make you scream and cry at the same time. Best songs of the 2010s from artists like Lizzo, Drake, Rihanna, Adele, Taylor Swift, Maren Morris, Justin Bieber and Kacey Musgraves. The eighties-influenced synth featured on this track sounds surprisingly fresh and modern. It’s since become an anthem for people facing all kinds of challenges. Busta Rhymes steps in to be his tackiest self and is somehow worse than Chris Brown. Clocking in over 31 million views on YouTube, R. Kelly’s early ‘00s hit rivals Diddy’s “I’ll Be Missing You,” even their videos have similarities. 79. On Blond, Frank Ocean explored the solitude that accompanies longing. The shit works; he’s able to fit in enough melodies and romanticism to excite all his fans, which feels like every white person under 30 by this point. Songs from the 1980s are often recognizable thanks to the unique sounds a synthesizer produces. Even now, we can sing it by heart. Before he had any success as a rapper, 6ix9ine pled guilty to the use of a child in a sexual performance. But like those acts, MAGIC! Congrats, I’m depressed. In the 2000s, it was all about pop music. Lil Dicky can say the “N word” — woop woop — and Chris Brown doesn’t have to deal with paparazzi — yay, good for him. These charity pop star songs in the past have gone for sappy and somber, but this is a new era — one where Lil Dicky has the star-power pull of a Quincy Jones. It’s political, and its themes remain relevant today. Pitbull (ft. Ke$ha) – “Timber” (2012). The song had been kicking around since 2009, but the video is what really did it. It’s political, and its themes remain relevant today. It propelled the entire genre of grunge into mainstream music. How about featuring this Jason she’s talking about? After their 2009, where they had a no. Old sad song Music Playlist on It’s all the perfect ingredients of a poisonous stew: 1.) It takes until the 1:30 mark to even get to the chorus. While we loved Ke$ha’s early party-girl anthems, this personal song marked a new start for the singer. Pop music’s worst quality is convincing people that social issues can be adequately approached through infantile wordplay. It’s music for Broadway fans, who have never really been known to enjoy art supposedly meant for the lower classes. Bruno Mars should not be allowed to make music. The Black Keys – “Howlin’ for You” (2010). “Fuck You!” was a huge hit for CeeLo Green at the start of the decade (edited as “Forget You!”) Everybody seemed to love the song — a retro soul hit that had enough modern spunk to reach the masses. Sad Songs MP3 Song by Melanie Fiona from the album Ultimate R&B Love 2010 (Digital Only). 4. The assumption is that Hamilton goes beyond class and race to create a truly American work of art, but the version of rap that Hamilton presents confirms the distance between Broadway and music that most Americans actually listen to. The main figure in the song is asking his girlfriend’s father for her hand in marriage and is denied. Before Lady Gaga was an Oscar winner, she was a pop superstar. Eminem is the worst artist of the decade. By 2013, it had sold over 7 million copies worldwide. Sad charity songs are terrible, but so are funny ones. Hot Rap Songs is a record chart published by the music industry magazine Billboard that ranks the most popular hip hop songs in the United States. Man, this was supposed to be exciting. Is that inherently good? It starts with a piano to suggest it’s spur-of-the-moment and heartfelt rather than the construction of 7 different people borrowing from an unreleased song that Mars had heard from record producer Benny Blanco. . It’s the emptiest lyrics of the decade, and I just want to barf. 1 Uptown Funk! “Out of the Woods” is one of Taylor Swift’s best songs — intense and exciting from start to finish. Bush had a robust career for such an avant-garde songwriter. Has a guitar ever sounded worse than whatever this song opens up with? I refuse to let baritone voices be the calling card of mainstream hipster music, but that’s just what has happened with artists like George Ezra and Hozier. Imagine Dragons made a name off booming stadium rock(???? In the 2010s, streaming gave us a granular sense of the songs people loved and the artists they wanted to hear, and even as streaming services tried to … Any song that exists to merely market a dance is on the lowest rung of artistic integrity as it goes after viral party success rather than anything resembling long-lasting emotional effects. Some wut-wuts and a gratingly-simple saxophone riff combine for a wretched intro that appeals to listeners who haven’t dealt with enough fun party music to know when it actually features clever production or real artistry. The lyrics in this song are surprisingly sweet. Then there’s an 8-year gap until her first true album Be Here, which also flopped. WOO!” This line’s a bit revealing in Logic’s M.O. Otherwise, it’s just a short dumb song that has no business receiving massive airplay, jumpstarting a viral cup challenge, and helping create a trilogy of Pitch Perfect movies. Why? Cynicism is good. Maybe that’s the point, but this is a scenario where reassessing the cause still doesn’t change the effect. His sense of rhythm is always at odds with his lyricism; it makes for awkward syntax decisions and constantly impedes any type of flow he was going for. It’s just a lame dubstep beat I’ve heard a million times this decade with a feature that is a stereotypical sexist depiction of how young women talk. Look what they’ve done with them for the last thirty years — stick ’em on terrible ballads which make them more boring and popular than ever. 3. Lil Dicky is a buffoon, but also somehow has the pull of any mainstream act he wants. He leads into the first verse with “I just wanna die / and let me tell you why” like a horrendously-written narrator in a kid’s story. Some stay with us because of the music. There’s a theory that Boomers need to die off, and the world will set itself right through an embrace of progressive policies. 1 because nobody has ever put in this much effort to display how lame and inept they are. With the existence of this song, parties immediately became way more obnoxious. This gospel-influenced folk-rock song is overtly spiritual. 1 song for 26 consecutive weeks, the Black Eyed Peas did not give a shit what they put out into the world. I thought this Colbie Caillat shit was done by the time we got to the 2010s. Soul, classic rock and disco are all well-represented in this list. Zay Hilfigerrr & Zayion McCall – “Juju on That Beat (TZ Anthem)” (2016). Harmonicas haven’t been cool for a while. . The song had been kicking around since 2009, but the video is what really did it. That intro — “It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M.” Good God, kill me. She then starts making songs for cable TV programs including a theme song for Jane by Design, and a song played on Pretty Little Liars, Basketball Wives, and Finding Carter (all different songs, by the way). So listen and chose one and leave a comment. When the dam finally breaks, mainstream art reacts and usually in the most banal of manners. And look forward to the new memories you’ll create, too. Has my life not been affected by suicide enough to the point where I am often undeterred with its depiction in art? We all have our go-to sad songs, like security blankets for those all-too-common times of need. Now let me try to find, 10 of the best songs of the last decade (2010-2019). Now let me try to find, 10 of the best songs of the last decade (2010-2019). I have listed out the 500 best songs of the 2010s, but the full story of the 2010s in music is not sunshine and rainbows. File it under ‘How is this that popular? “Everybody getting crunk, crunk / boys trying to touch my junk, junk.” Cool. lackluster production and instrumentation (a real “default intelligent rap” type of sound), 2.) With the unanimous praise of Billie Eilish’s drably mediocre 2019 album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?, it feels pretty easy. It’s not the most well-known song from the 1990s, but it has an interesting message that goes beyond the decade. Listen to Old sad song and download Old sad song songs on T.I. Adult Alternative Songs, also known as Triple A, is a record chart that ranks the most-played songs on American adult album alternative radio stations. Hello Adele • 25. It’s really draining, and the discourse around Hamilton‘s importance, musically-speaking, followed suit. Saddest Breakup Songs Of The 2000s Breakups can be heart breaking (wow, I didn’t just say that) but anyway breakup s can really hurt you. 57. The 100 Best Songs of the 2010s From Robyn to Taylor to Kendrick to J Balvin to Drake — here are the greatest songs of the last 10 years There’s just an artlessness to the ho-hum nature of songs like “Happy,” where you just know a bunch of people in suits ran it through a filter of focus groups to make sure everybody everywhere is neither offended nor made to feel anything negative. Fitz and the Tantrums – “HandClap” (2016). If I die horrifically at a young age and one of you motherfuckers plays this song, I will haunt your ass down and have you join me. This is not a takedown of the play, which I have obviously not seen and would probably enjoy as a way to stay off my phone for a few hours. Pretty far if you look at Blueface’s undeserved success over the last year. Stop dumbing down political issues; it’s patronizing and a real disservice to the issue. Charlie Puth (ft. Meghan Trainor) – “Marvin Gaye” (2015), (*Marlon Brando voice*) “Look what they did to my boy.”, Seriously, the single cover even has Charlie Puth trying to look like Marvin Gaye. “Riptide” is that song. 38. I shouldn’t have to care about this song, but it’s One Direction, an act that some music critics feel the need to defend despite being a complete music industry creation shoved down our throats. 1 hit — God bless us all. 82. Here's our list of the top 50 saddest dance music picks of all-time, from sad love songs to depressing songs about death. Pharrell’s production just goes with a downbeat disco vibe which happened to be similar to Marvin Gaye’s work in the late ’70s. Here’s the music that made me hate the world and the people living in it. Martin’s poor lyricism and mediocre vocals have often been masked by the surrounding instrumentation and melodic strength, but when there’s neither working here, oh boy. Play on Spotify . Alright, let’s win! And I’m trying to get it out of my head (Ho! How easy is it to confuse drowsy, boring pop music for a serious artistic statement? At the start of the decade, two features reigned supreme and alluded to some atrocious pop/rap Frankenstein coming our way — Ke$ha (we’ll see this later on) and Bruno Mars. The song itself is great, but the music video for it is remarkable. This link will open in a new window. Alright, maybe I’m still the asshole for expecting the worst out of pop culture. Discover what you'll need to consider when planning, or attending, ... 31. 27. I have no complaints on that front. This was the lead single from Beyoncé's debut solo album. The song falters in just about every other aspect: do-nothing lyrics, an annoying “1-2-3” pre-chorus, that lazily blown-out production on the chorus that is ultimately a disservice to the emotion in Sia’s vocals. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Oh thank God that dollar sign’s gone — we can take her seriously now. Yes, the title of the song is a little generic. With “Party Rock Anthem,” they seemed all in on the joke in a “Gangnam Style” kind of way, but with “Sexy and I Know It,” I think LMFAO really wanted us to see them shirtless. Fall Out Boy is one of the few bands that managed to find success. Quote Reply Topic: 4 catchy songs from the 2010s Posted: September 14 2020 at 00:43: Another attempt at a "listen and vote" poll. Protest music that lacks the whole “music” aspect of it ends up being lightweight and a misuse of this particular creative avenue. I got a big cock. The #1 song on the list was "Low" by Flo Rida and T-Pain, after having released the song in 2007 and spent 10 weeks at number-one.The song that came in at number two was "Bleeding Love" … 81. B.o.B. It’s also absolute dog shit. Whatever it reminds you of, it’ll leave you feeling nostalgic for days gone by. The lyrics in this song are almost incomprehensible, but the tune is one that stays with you. It was funny maybe the first couple of times you saw it? Justin Timberlake – “CAN’T STOP THE FEELING!” (2016). I think the Imagine Dragons’ ultimate goal is to inspire us to commit acts of violence for no reason, but all I feel is enraged to immediately turn it off. It was clear from the moment it came out that Beyoncé was going to do fine without the other members of Destiny’s Child. This is serious shit, ok? “ft. It’s proven by the lackluster insights he has about what his parents said to him as a kid — “get some friends or you’ll be lonely” and “get yourself a wife or you’ll be lonely.” Going for universal truths is a double-edged sword. In the 2010s, streaming gave us a granular sense of the songs people loved and the artists they wanted to hear, and even as streaming services tried to … They go for a wall of sound technique, but the result is an overblown hipster folk that sounds more synthetic than passionate. By Nerisha Penrose. There’s something about music that can take us right back to special moments in our lives. At the end of the day, the song is terrible, and Macklemore just can’t rap very well. Well, let’s just say he doesn’t possess anything that resembles talent. Fifty years later, it remains a rock classic. 4:55 0:30. Alessia Cara & Khalid just exist; I don’t really know what they provide other than name recognition. It makes me consider celibacy. Blonde ended up not making my top 10 albums of the decade, and including skits like these was the only reason why. It made for an eclectic decade of music. Rap that tries to be ironic usually ends up being incredibly lame and unfunny. The best metal songs of the 2010s are made up of an eclectic mix of subgenres, offering a wide range of sounds, albeit all heavy. How did we get from “Bad Romance” to “Old Town Road“ in pop music? Chris Brown (ft. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes) – “Look at Me Now” (2011). The singer Maxwell does a particularly interesting version. Theory: Eminem was replaced with a guy that was told to “rap like Eminem” — the charm and exuberance can’t be replicated, and that’s what I was drawn to. Wiz Khalifa (feat. Now, he’s the curmudgeon that acts like he’s doing us a service by making music. He even gets the call to “put your hands up” in there among 3 or 4 annoying hooks. Panic! "Young Hearts Run Free" by Candi Staton, 3. God, how’d this shit happen? “First, let me hop out the muhfuckin’ Porsche” — that’s the opening line for T-Wayne’s debut single, and for some reason, it connected with people. There's so much to choose from -- how do you define… Lil Jon has never recovered from Chappelle’s impression of him and is as much of a caricature now as he is in those sketches. Bollywood Sad Songs Album has 15 songs sung by Hariharan, Alka Yagnik, Jaspinder Narula. Worthless featured vocals that a million others could do, 3.) 21. It took a long time for Rachel Platten to break through. I think they’re just filling some void of something new to get excited about. 98. This assessment of J. Cole’s flaws feels obvious as someone who listens to a lot of rap, but that has never stopped his fanbase from growing and being treated like he’s some rap legend in the making. He goes by Hozier, but he should go by Dozy. I focus on this because I hated this song before, but being the cause of that dance really took this song to a high, high place on my shit list. That fake hand clapping sound with the high bass mixing is absolute torture. Still, this song stinks up to high heaven. Bruno Mars’ first album Doo-Wops & Hooligans manages to be the only album to have two songs on this list — not good! This song won a Grammy for Best Dance Recording — I could mention the Grammys most of these songs were nominated for, but that would take up way too much of your time. “I’m a squirrel, looking for my next nut” — really, Miguel?? Nirvana rose to prominence during this decade. May the 2020s be Lil Nas X free. But some songs are so iconic you know you’ll be listening to them for the rest of your life. It was around this time that every pop song had to engage in that fake tropical house beat to get played, and this was one of the worst examples of that. Enjoy the best quality music on Nostalgic Songs From the 2010s; Music helps us remember important moments., and sometimes it makes us pause and relive that moment. Here’s the best argument for poptimism on this list. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (ft. Mary Lambert) – “Same Love” (2012). SONG OF THE SUMMER, folks! Popular 2010's Dance Music. He’s not a good guitarist, or at least that’s not apparent in anything he writes. 93. But even bad boys have a soft side. I’d expect the woman I’m singing that to to give me a quizzical look. Keyword: better. OMI – “Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)”, What a cruddy sentiment — to want a woman to be your cheerleader. Cottagecore Aesthetic Songs Love Songs (2020, 2010s, 2000s & 90s) INDIE PLAYLIST : WEEKLY ROTATION (1 hour per week / Monday Music) 2020 HITS VIRAL ( Best Hits 2020 & Top Global 2021 Hits) More Indiemono. 89. These are the top 150 songs of the 2010s. Normally, he’s so run-of-the-mill that quoting him doesn’t achieve much, but he opens his first verse here with, “Walk into the club like, ‘What up? Many terrible songs come and go as they are rightfully left to wither away in the dark corners of “Remember _______?” trends, but ultimately, I went with songs that won’t be left behind. I know, but it’s terrible poetry and awfully sentimental. He could be extremely problematic, but the humor and shocking narrative jumps made it to where you wanted to see the world through his words. It’s the only one with 2 billion — 2.373 billion to be exact (next is Drake’s “One Dance” at 1.784 million.) Revisit our Best Albums of the 2010s right here. ( Log Out /  Recently we made a playlist of the 50 most uplifting songs ever.Now, we look at the opposite: 50 beautifully sad songs, beginning with Amy Winehouse – ‘Back To Black’. Before that, what reason was there for anyone to keep listening? It delves into how adults often don’t take the ideas of young people seriously. Forum Senior Member … One Direction – “What Makes You Beautiful” (2011). Friday Crush ( Love At First Listen) 'New Music 2020 - 2021' NEW Indie / Alternative : December 2020 Songs & Best Indie Vibe 2020 by indiemono. REPEAT. This song is just dumb. Like every pop/rap monstrosity of this era, you’re asked to “put your hands up.” Nah. Its slower pace allows the singer to showcase her phenomenal vocal range. Bad The xx guitar, 2.) I like being lazy, but Bruno Mars saying he likes it too makes me want to run a mile. It might remind you of closing down the bar with your friends or watching the sunrise after a long night studying. Well, with this turd, he reached the top 10 of the Billboard charts, so the rest of this country has deemed him worthy. ‘You see, the chorus…is like a wrecking ball. Serious artists usually don’t record covers of recent or beloved songs, so I don’t know why Adams went with music that was both. Now, what the fuck does the Yeehaw agenda mean? Is he worth giving a shit about? This goes unexplored as Beyoncé sings about buying something for yourself or whatever. The Avalanches’ Since I Left You is one of my favorite albums of all time and the build-up to their second album was agonizing. Kanye West released an album this year. The lyrics are the most melodramatic of the decade; let’s review what Mars would do for this woman who does not love him: These are all incredibly stupid things to be willing to do for someone who doesn’t care about you. Also, the beat drop just isn’t that fun here. Worse though is his music, and “Red Solo Cup” is as dumb as country music gets. They’re both smoking hot. Published by Billboard magazine, the data are compiled by Nielsen SoundScan based collectively on each single's weekly physical and digital sales, airplay, and, since 2012, streaming. I’m pretty sure they’re only bearable if you use it as an instrumental break between some verses about getting lost on a highway or whatever. Some of the most depressing music moments of the decade involved Kendrick Lamar — the greatest album-artist rap has maybe ever seen — reduced to a pawn for pop song remixes and features. ), It’s so simple a child could sing it (Hey! Is there a more grim sign for music criticism in the next decade that the Jonas Brothers — which we should remember, are a Disney act — could come back (mostly unchanged), receive positive reviews, and have a song receive more acclaim than a countless number of legitimately great songs. It’s time to be funny! Marcus Mumford’s vocals — yes, the rest of the band are referred to as his children — are cringe-inducing as it sounds like a massive put-on to fit in with the hipster crowd. Accept. It didn’t take long to get responses. It came out less than two years ago, but it’s an instant classic. Beat drop without any unique qualities, 4.) Still, 6ix9ine made the big time, but his performance is as infantile as his attire. The combination of Lil Dicky and Chris Brown alone is gag-worthy. This song is only a hit due to Dev’s brutally-catchy hook; that thing is just lifelessly repeated after every verse, each one lamer than the next. Music Expert. . Listen to it, and before long you’ll be shaking it like a Polaroid picture (ask your parents if you don’t know what that is). First off, why do sad songs go for bare, melodramatic instrumentation? Many rock songs written in the past three decades owe their success to this track. Then, 2016 ends and this song keeps popping up on year-end best songs lists. How do you sing “I’m on your magical mystery ride” with a straight face? This playlist was created by Gaana on 05 Mar 2014. Ok, maybe it’s an instrumental or a demo sample. The soaring vocals on this track can lift your spirits, even though the subject matter is surprisingly somber. This track was on the movie soundtrack of The Breakfast Club. This playlist was created by Gaana on 20 Dec 2013. Everyone has songs that make them nostalgic. With Babel, Mumford & Sons got a Grammy for Album of the Year and preceded to fall off the face of the earth. The song never lets up, berating its listeners with a hook in every line and some auto-tune manipulation as a sign of the times. GYST was acquired by Cake in 2019. 4AD 150. Then listen to the Best Songs of the 2010s Spotify playlist right here. Every major artist at one point or another is forced to provide a song to promote the next pile of trash for a family night out. Beyond the great “bad guy,” any song off the album could be picked at random for this spot. 25. “Self Control” is about the nearing end of an affair. They didn’t even try; it sounds thrown together in one studio session and then Kanye came in later to add his verses. They’ve withstood the test of time thanks to intricate lyrics and catchy melodies. You can celebrate all the great moments you shared with these songs. No song represents that dismay better than “Lift Yourself.” Before the spiral became clear, this song surfaced with the hype and promise that it was the definitive single to kick off the next album cycle. Silentó is just a kid that spends 3 minutes shouting out trendy dance moves for you to do. 218 million streams on Spotify for this one. The singles off Wildflower were fine but certainly not the work of Since I Left You‘s vibrant plunderphonics. Luckily, there was only two of those albums, where their main goal was to just make you feel sad. When men in electronic music display how much they hate women, it’s usually not laid out in the song. I don’t want a cheerleader; I want a linebacker that’ll suplex my ass if I get in her way. They played the song on the American Music Awards and to make headlines, they did a forced makeout at the end that I’m pretty sure neither party really wanted. It’s been covered countless times. Though Dolly Parton originally performed this song, Houston’s version is undeniably iconic. 100 gecs were the premier act of 2019 for music critics that wanted something off-kilter and was dismissed at first. is now a flat-earth truther, even releasing songs to spread his dumbass ideology, but in 2010, he was the biggest new name in rap. M.L.S, … 95. Love, Entertainment And News. Christmas music is always nostalgic. Who she is and what career she sets out to have is still entirely unclear. No matter what you’re going through in life, a song has the power to lift your spirits. Still, it was the biggest song of 2012, and the eighth biggest song of the decade according to the Billboard charts. The video for this pop-punk classic parodied videos by the mainstream artists of the time. This track made our list of songs about losing your dad. The crazy thing about all this is that it’s Charlie Puth’s debut single. Miguel: “Adorn” The first 10 seconds of “Adorn” is like, “Hey, this could be a cool song. The song relentlessly repeats its mind-numbingly dumb choruses and bridges until it’s just a slog of drunken dirty talk by irredeemable assholes. He can’t rap without sounding like a complete goof in way over his head. Reviewer page. In the lyrics, he invokes Van Morrison (“Van the Man”) as if anything Sheeran has made comes close to even Van’s mediocre output. Not coincidentally, it’s also the tackiest song from this decade. Of Monsters and Men – “Little Talks” (2011). Nicki Minaj made a lot of money working with this dummy. The annual UK music charts for the 100 most popular singles in the decade starting in 2010. This link will open in a new window. May 31, 2020. The Cataracts & Dev) – “Like a G6” (2010). Fuck that bass sound. After an ’09 summer of Black Eyed Peas domination, imitators would follow, and Far East Movement was the most successful of these. This pop-rock single touts the importance of perseverance in matters of the heart. Here, he just screams “Fire up that loud / Another round of shots / Turn down for what?” That’s the entire lyric sheet. 16. Look at the lyrics: “I’ll be loungin’ on the couch just chillin’ in my snuggie / Flip to MTV so they can teach me how to dougie.” If that doesn’t make you wince, clearly we don’t want the same things out of our music. BuzzFeed Staff 1. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage 100 Best Songs of the 2010s - Rolling Stone From Robyn to Taylor to Kendrick to J Balvin to Taylor — here are the greatest songs of the last 10 years. The Man – “Feel It Still” (2017). Multiple songs on this list have been sued for copyright infringement, and that’s certainly not a coincidence. It’s no coincidence that the three biggest soundtrack songs of the decade made this list (you’ll see the next two later on). It may be hard to feel nostalgic for songs you were listening to only a year or two ago. I don’t miss the irony of a song that’s so tacky professing a love of thrift shops. 45. The Billboard Hot 100 is a chart that ranks the best-performing songs of the United States. He just decides, ‘Hey, I’m somehow already signed to Atlantic Records and will associate myself with Marvin fucking Gaye.’. Sometimes nostalgia is a bittersweet memory. The drums come in with the blandest gallop possible. Donald Glover is responsible for one of the best TV shows this decade (Atlanta), but his musical output as Childish Gambino cancels that greatness out. Now, I’m not letting Charli XCX off the hook for this one. There was no escaping this sugary pop confection. Sam Smith was great on Disclosure’s “Latch,” where the instrumentation truly backed up his vocals, but once he went solo, everything great about him went down the drain. His career might be the most confounding on this list. Portugal. Here's our list of the top 50 saddest dance music picks of all-time, from sad love songs to depressing songs about death. WALK THE MOON – “Shut Up and Dance” (2014). 2010-19: The decade that was in cinema, books, tech and more From ‘TiK ToK’ to ‘Old Town Road’: top ten English songs from the 2010s The lyrics ensure that we’ll never forget this song. Thankfully. Fuck, this is putrid. A lot of the meme songs on this list exist in that uncanny valley of like “misunderstood banger.” I want to be clear: “Miracles” is not that. There were so many teenybopper tracks to choose from in the late nineties. Eminem has never come back though and probably never will. J. Cole continues to be an artist not defined by his intellect or potential but by his misfires and bad instincts.