A First World War Ross Mk.2 Bayonet, with 25.5cm pointed steel blade, the steel hilt with rivetted wood grip scales, the pommel with spring and stamped with maker's marks, Canadian acceptance mark, I I and dated 12/16, with leather frog and scabbard, the tip stamped MK II CONDITION REPORT: . Show 25 more like this, A World War I dummy bayonet training pole 180 cm Email me when available. Ltd. © 2020 John Furphy Pty. Show 29 more like this, A bayonet marked Sanderson 1907 blade 43 cm Click to open image! Show 18 more like this, British / Australian Pattern 1888 MkII bayonet and scabbard for Lee Descriptions point out specific points that should be noted. Collection Dr John Raven, Perth. Show 12 more like this, Australia 1942 dated Pattern 1907 bayonet and scabbard. The rifle shows signs of a hard working life and there are dents and scratches to the wood. Click to open image! This bladed product is not for sale to people under the age of 18. Unfortunately, the handle tools are missing as is the release button. ... Nazi Police Dress Bayonet with Frog. A U.S. Model 1905 bayonet in scabbard, 40 cm fullered spear point blade, the canvas covered scabbard with leather tip, smooth wood grips, single bolt fixing. 1130, dated for 1867, with 20in. WW1 Imperial German Model 1888/98 Ersatz Bayonet And Scabbard. Show 27 more like this, Possibly Finnish knife bayonet and scabbard, excellent example Bayonet M1898 n.A. It was suitable for cutting brushes. In very good ... £ 199. The bore has minor pitting in small areas to the grooves. Percussion carbine with spring bayonet, with 25 inch barrel, brass furniture and side fitted ramrod.Section 58(2) Antique /obsolete calibre, can be owned without a licence. BAYO 288 - BAYO 288 This is an original nice example of a WW1 German Ersatz M88/98 bayonet with solid steel hilt. One of the most commonly asked questions is "How much is my German bayonet worth?". 1 - Black pitting to parts of the blade, covered in a protective lacquer. By bidding on this item you are declaring that you are 18 years of age or over.Please be aware that we are unable to send edged weapons or bladed products by postal courier to a UK residential address (Offensive Weapons Act 2019), CARL EICKHORN, SOLINGEN A WW2 PERIOD GERMAN POLICE BAYONET WITH FROG, a standard length Police dress bayonet with solid nickel fittings, birds head pommel with working rifle mortise slot, stag grips with aluminium police eagle pinned to front, lower crossguard stamped with original Weimar police issue numbers 'S.me.i. The largest measures 66cm long, Three WWI bayonets and scabbards, to include a 1907 Wilkinson SMLE bayonet, a 1913 P14 bayonet and a German 98 bayonet.The largest measures 57cm long, German K98 Dress bayonet and scabbard, by Puma of Solingen, with staghorn grip.35cm long. You may use an asterisk as a wildcard. This bladed product is not for sale to people under the age of 18. Blademm, length 51.5 cm. The stock has some small scratches and dents but nothing defacing. This page is a recognition and identification guide for German bayonets. Length 54 cm We have thousands of new lots everyday, start a new search. Show 16 more like this, World War II 1943 Owens Australian bayonet with wooden handle and leather scabbard. Antique ... French WW1 bayonet with steel scabbard. Shopping Cart: Items: 0 | £0.00. (mit Säge - with saw). 3rd Military District issue markings on bayonet and scabbard, the latter dated 1942. Click to open image! 0 bids. Bayonets; Miniatures; Imperial Edged Weapons; Non-German Edged Weapons; Edged Weapon Parts; Accouterments; Uniforms and Insignia; Reference Books; Photographs and Paper Items; Decorations and Medals; Allach Porcelain; Consignment Items; Miscellaneous Militaria; Notable Sold Items WWI repro: Superb 98 "Butcher Blade" Bayonet. A Victorian silver sugar caster, by H, Matthews, Birmingham, 1894, of lighthouse form, chased overall with foliage scrolls and flowers on a matted ground, with bayonet mounted cover, 13.5cm high, 5oz 7dwt, Silk WWII Remembrance Cards, Best Wishes, The Tower dance card, artist box and paints, plus bayonet. November 3, 2020 Welcome No Comments. These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. Click to open image! Three bayonets and scabbards, to include a Steyr 1886 bayonet and scabbard (blade reduced in length) also an 1866 Chassepot bayonet and an 1873 Gras rifle bayonet.The largest measures 70 cm long. British 1903 pattern bayonet and scabbard, fitted with canvas frog, the blade marked Sanderson Sheffield.44cm long, British SLR bayonet, marked L1A3 960-0257B and an No.4 MkII spike bayonet. $199.99. Add to basket Details. Trade 608. The scabbard with correct angled belt loop. Marked Wilkinson at the ricasso and with Arabic markings to the pommel. Length 58 cm, World War I Lithgow bayonet & sheath for Lee Enfield rifle, stamped 1917 to blade, and 2nd M.D. Show 18 more like this, Russian- 2nd Pattern Mosin Nagant bayonet, 1891-1930, socket, blued 16 inch screwdriver tip cruciform blade, no scabbard issued. Show 8 more like this, Boer War MKII Lee Metford rifle bayonet length 42 cm Two bayonets, including an American M8A bayonet scabbard and from, a 1908 SMLE bayonet and scabbard, trench knife converted from an SMLE bayonet, a spear head, and a Gat pistol.No licence required to buy this item, purchaser must be over the age of 18. Show 18 more like this, British 1907 pattern bayonet with leather steel mounted scabbard Show 20 more like this, French M1888 bayonet with scabbard for the Lebel rifle, with brass grip, later production without quillon, very good example Fight the War to End All Wars with the BrickArms WW1 Trench Pack Includes: • Lebel 1886 Rifle (NEW!) Medals & Awards Gallery 1, Medals & Awards Gallery 2, Paper Document Gallery, Headgear Gallery 1, Headgear Gallery 2, Helmets Gallery, Belt Buckle Gallery. Two 19th Century Japanese Aikuchi, each with single edge steel blade and sectional bone grip and saya carved with figures and foliage (af); an Arab Jambiya, with double edge curved steel blade, waisted ebony grip with foliate engraved brass pommel and scabbard; a British Pattern 1888 Mk.I Bayonet, type 2, by Wilkinson, lacks scabbard (4) CONDITION REPORT: . bright nickel plated blade, eagle head pommel, stag grips with 6 sided Weimar police badge pinned to grip, traces of original gilt left on brass fittings, brown leather frog and brown leather scabbard, blade has the WKC trademark to the reverse. British Chapman '07 Patt SMLE 1916 dated Bayonet (BAY001) $220 00. No scabbard. Brass handle with release spring with regimental markings with mortise slot marked with regimental marking 1.1.4.C.133 and serial number 251 on the crossguard. WWI British WILKINSON '07 Patt SMLE 1917 dated Bayonet (BAY006) $280 00. Show 27 more like this, Snider carbine second type Sawback bayonet issued to the New Zealand Imperial Troops and Volunteers in the Maori Wars. Click on photos to enlarge. The sawback was a favoured tool among German Military units. The plain back version was identified as the S98/05 or S98/05 o.S. ORIGINAL NAZI BAYONETS WE'VE SOLD (Retail Prices) - Page 1. The overall length of the bayonet is 24 3/4". German ww2 police NCO sword - … two-groove rifled barrel, applied fore-sight, rear-sight with one standing and one folding leaf, scarce variant bayonet bar with central locking notch mounted on the right side of muzzle, borderline engraved bar-action lock marked with a rampant lion East India Co. device, walnut full-stock (fore-end renewed in its working life) with brass furniture including large patch-box to right hand side of butt, iron stirrup swivels and period iron under-barrel ramrod (ramrod repaired, light staining iron surfaces). Show 25 more like this, British 1907 pattern bayonet with scabbard and canvas frog on display board with New Zealand and Australian cap badges Product #: 1088400. Model: 1891. I will provide a bayonet identification analysis which includes a detailed description, its rarity and market value for the very reasonable price of $5 for each bayonet or edged weapon. US Navy 1870 pattern bayonet, by Ames Mfg. Show 14 more like this, World War I German Erfurt mint bayonet single edge fullered blade with matching steel scabbard BAYO 246 - BAYO 246 This is a S98/05 bayonet, made by made by Mauser. C/W Metal Scabbard With Some Light Surface Rust Price £189 Click to open image! Orange rust pitting to the barrel and lockplate. The barrel has lost most of its bluing and there is the odd corrosion spot that would be easily cleaned off. in the white round barrel (mild staining, the flat short sighting plane signed 'No. 1866 bayonet and scabbard, the blade dated 1868.71cm long. • Gewehr98 Rifle • SMLE Mk3 Rifle • Tankgewehr • M1895 Russian Rifle • M1903 WW1 Rifle • M1903 WW1 Rifle w/Bayonet • Mosin Nagant Unscoped • Trench Mace War Club • M97 Trench Shotgun Bayonet M1898/05 sawback. A First World War bayonet, the blade stamped William C Ford, in leather scabbard with blue canvas belt. Three different FG 42 rod bayonets were used. Show 18 more like this, Victorian 1187 pattern mark II bayonet single edge/double tipped fullered blade with matching steel mounted leather scabbard The price for this nicely marked bayonet and scabbard includes UK delivery. A 19th Century Indian Flintlock Musket, the 99cm steel barrel with fixed V rear sight, plain lock plate, walnut full stock with brass fore-end tip, ramrod pipes, recurving trigger guard and butt plate, the right side of the butt stamped 315, with steel ramrod, 139cm, with an associated socket bayonet, the fullered triangular section blade stamped HILL; a Victorian 1885 Enfield Martini Action Rifle, .577/.450 calibre, in relic condition (3) CONDITION REPORT: . Sort by Price; Sort by Date; Sort by Popularity; Show 25 Products. A price guide is included here to address this question. Email me when available. Find the worth of your vintage bayonets (edged weapon). Click to open image! "The Great War" (1914-1918) lives! A French Model 1872 Gras Sword Bayonet, with St Etienne T section steel blade, the steel crossguard stamped 39390, with wood grip scales and brass pommel, the steel scabbard stamped 38131; a First World War German 1884/98 Mauser Bayonet, the blade stamped Eisengiesserei & Schlossfabrik, A-G Velbert, with steel scabbard; a Japanese Type 98 Arisaka Bayonet, with cut-down steel blade and steel scabbard; a British No.4 Mk.II Spike Bayonet, with blackened steel scabbard and webbing frog (4) CONDITION REPORT: . Carter's Price Guide to Antiques in Australasia is Registered Trademark of John Furphy Pty. Made at orange Serial no. Unissued condition. There are no marks present in the scabbard. Nazi K98 Rifle Bayonet by Horster with Matching Numbers and Brown Leather Frog...$195 SOLD. Minor rust pitting to pommel, but generally in good clean condition. The steel mounts of the scabbard have orange rust pitting. Swords; Bayonets; Knives; Daggers; Military Knives; Militaria; Badges/insignia; Misc. Show 13 more like this, British / Australian Pattern 1888 MkII bayonet and scabbard for Lee Tubular steel scabbard, Blademm, length 51.5 cm. Show 32 more like this, A socket bayonet for use with the.75 caliber India Pattern Brown Bess flintlock musket, Napoleonic Wars period, c.1815. The bayonet was manufactured by the Carl Eickhorn firm and is maker-coded "cof" with the waffenampt marking "WaA519" on the blade ricasso. This was followed by two German-made variants. All have rust pitted blades. Pommel stamped on right face with the rulers Toughra (mark), steel all over dark patina. Show 1 more like this. A British 1856 Pattern Yataghan Sword Bayonet, with 58cm fullered steel blade, the steel hilt with chequered black leather grip scales, the leather scabbard with steel mounts; a British 1888 Pattern Mk.I Bayonet, the pommel stamped 2/5KOSB 372, lacks scabbard; a British No.4 Mk.II Spike Bayonet, lacks scabbard (3) CONDITION REPORT: . The trigger guard sling loop has been replaced. WW1 German 1898/05 Butcher Bayonet An Early Version Of This Bayonet With High Muzzle 'Ears' & No Flashguard Made By C G Haenel. Show 8 more like this. Nazi K98 Rifle Bayonet … Show 7 more like this, A bayonet with scabbard and belt webbing blade 21 cm 10 watching. "The Great War" (1914-1918) lives! to be expected. Unissued condition The left hand side of the receiver has had an old issue mark removed and there is a patch of small dents which have been added disguise the old issue mark. Coins from Germany between 1871 and 1948. WWII German militaria price guide, WW2 German militaria price guide, Nazi militaria price guide. Front sight with protective ears. Bayonets. Whether they are military, Civilian, para-military, political, etc. Own this exact reproduction of 98/05 "Butcher Blade" Bayonet made by Windlass Steelcrafts.® The original was introduced in 1915 by the Imperial German Army. GWK-0163WPN WWII German Fireman's Bayonet Our Price: $99.95 Item #29357. GWK-0163WPN WWII German Fireman's Bayonet Our Price: $99.95 Item #29357 . WWII German Third Reich belt buckle, also a wound badge and an M1942 socket bayonet made from a Russian Mosin Nagant socket and SVT knife blade bayonet.Found by the vendor in the Courland Pocket, Latvia (along with the Enigma Machine included in this sale) from which the 205 infantry division retreated. $19.00 shipping. 40 cm long. A selection of bayonets from early Victorian bayonets up to modern times from a bayonet for a Martini-Henry SMLE ring socket bar over barrel or a. FS Militaria . Anthony Carter mentions in German Bayonets Volume II that Bavarian Records indicate they were manufactured in 1914-1915 specifically for German use. Ltd. trading as CARTER'S Publications. WWII Italian Model 1891 Bayonet (Bay029) $325 00. Ww1 German Helmet Price / Value Guide: Browse FREE Ww1 German Helmet Price & Value Guide. Show 26 more like this, A bayonet with belt holster plus another This reference is by no means exhaustive, but does cover many of the bayonets encountered on the collector’s market today, as well as some rare and unusual specimens. Show 23 more like this, British 1907 pattern bayonet X2 with leather steel mounted scabbards (faults) Show 19 more like this, French sword bayonet for the Mannlicher-Berthier M1890 cavalry carbine, with vulcanized rubber grips, lower hook quillon, steel scabbard, length 52.5 cm Get the best deals on Original WW I German Edged Weapons when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. No scabbard. › Germany - 1871-1948. The cleaning rod is missing. This bayonet is similar to item 311 in The Bayonet Book by Watts &Watts and will only fit the Belgian Mauser M1889 rifle. A price guide is included here to address this question. Few bayonet types are more popular with collectors, and as steeped in myth as the sawback bayonet, the German sawback to be precise. A German Model 1898 Bayonet, first pattern with one piece wood grip and steel mounted leather scabbard; also, ten various modern hunting knives, comprising tubular boxed Norwegian Helle, boxed Webley & Scott, seven wood and antler handled examples with leather sheaths and a Swiss Army knife in leather pouch (11), A Prussian Model 1871 Dress Bayonet, the cut-down steel blade faintly etched with a trophy of arms and foliage, the brass hilt with nickel recurving crossguard, lacks scabbard; three Various Knives, comprising a German hunting knife with aluminium and stacked leather washers grip, a Chinese dagger with brass hilt and leather scabbard, and an Arab knife with horn grip and leather sheath (4), A Czechoslovakian Post War VZ24 Mauser Bayonet, the pommel with tgf maker's mark, with steel scabbard; a Very Similar Bayonet, the pommel stamped 27529; two Swiss Model 1889 Bayonets, one with chromed finish, the blade ricasso stamped WAFFENFABRIK NEUHAUSEN, the crossguard numbered 892274, the other stamped BERN and numbered 263866, both with steel scabbards; an Indian Kukri, the horn grip with brass pommel and bolster, with leather scabbard (5), A Post War German Helmet, later painted black, with folded brim, leather liner and chin strap; a US Combat Helmet, finished in olive green paint, with camouflage cover and fibreglass liner; a British L1A3 Knife Bayonet, with steel scabbard; a German Post-Third Reich Brass Fantasy Signet Ring, embossed with aeroplanes over a war ship and Wir fahren gegen Engelland (4), A French Model 1866 Chassepot Yataghan Sword Bayonet, the T-section steel blade engraved Mre.Imps.du St.Etienne1867 to the back edge, with brass hilt, lacks scabbard; a French Model 1874 Gras Bayonet,the T-section steel blade engraved Mre. GC. Show 22 more like this, A World War II Australian SLR bayonet blade 20 cm Percussion Constabulary .650 carbine, with 26 inch barrel, spring bayonet catch, Tower VR 1844 dated lock, the stock stamped with Board of Ordinance marks and 1845 date and numerous other marks, brass furniture with butt plate tang marked G9375.Section 58(2) Antique /obsolete calibre, can be owned without a licence. Click to open image! Multiple detailed photos of a specific sample are provided. See Martin J. Brayley, An Illustrated History of Bayonets, pages 83 – 85. The largest measures 70cm long, British SMLE 1907 bayonet and scabbard, the blade stamped Wilkinson, also a Czech Mauser 98 or the Vz24 rifle bayonet, scabbard and frog.57cm long. PRICING GUIDE INFORMATION Values for medals, badges, and other German WWI military antiques and collectibles are provided as a means to educate the collector community and individuals who have a general interest on the field. WW1 German Bayonet. UXG-0177-RJ WWI Era US Mark VII Mod E Marching Compass Our Price: $79.95 Item #29850. The plating on the pommel is a little gritty. WW1 Imperial German Ersatz Bayonet. However when used as a bayonet plunged into an … Click to open image! Ww1 Canadian Ross rifle bayonet Easton Honc. Here we have a wide variety of edged weapons for sale including bayonets, daggers and knives from pre, post and both world wars. 1 - Action not working. Ltd. See TODAY's German Ww1 Bayonets for SALE, BEST OFFER and Auction; plus Expert Appraisal/Valuation, FREE sales advice and brokerage services, FREE sale prices, values, wish list and more - FIND 150+ Specialist categories | Bath Antiques Online - Buy, Sell & Value! WW1 German Sawback Butcher Blade Bayonet "This is the last and finest sawback of a very large collection!!!!" Hook quillon to ribbed aluminium grip. Loading ... Military Bayonet Price Guide as of September ... Mike B 56,971 views. Show 27 more like this, An Australian short bayonet marked Slaz.44 with scabbard blade 22 cm Home > Bayonets. Show 1 more like this, Australian pattern 1907 bayonet and scabbard. (KNIGHTS HEAD) A RARE PRE-WW2 GILDED BRASS CLAMSHELL POLICE BAYONET, a fine example of the Weimar period un-altered Police very long clamshell bayonet, with 16 1/2in. Bayonets is one of the most popular weapons among militaria collectors.Bayonets was a key weapon during the infantry attacks from the 17th century to the trenchs of the WW1. The receiver lever works, but the action doesn't. Show 36 more like this, British 1907 pattern bayonet leather steel mounted scabbard VGC. Length 44 cm. Search tips. A Japanese World War II Type 30 1897 bayonet in scabbard, 2nd pattern, 40 cm blued blade, arsenal marks for Toyada Jidoshaki Siesakusho. Show 3 more like this, A 19th century French Epee bayonet, 1886, Made for the Lebel rifle. Show 12 more like this, British- Martini Henry socket bayonet, 22 inch triangular blade, crisp stamping, minor staining, no scabbard. Please register now so you are approved to bid when auction starts. Show 8 more like this, Antique sword bayonet & sheath hilt crosspiece marked PK 2260, length 41 cm, wooden section of handle has small loss, with distinctive patterned sheath, possibly Italian, length 31 cm surrounded by a wreath. Axis Nations 1930-1945 Allied 1939/45. A machete scabbard Australia World War II dated leather machete scabbard. By bidding on this item you are declaring that you are 18 years of age or over.Please be aware that we are unable to send edged weapons or bladed products by postal courier to a UK residential address (Offensive Weapons Act 2019), P.E. Eventually, the bayonet became a wartime standard for armies and navies across the world. The term bayonet originally applied to small, flat, unmounted knives; Cold steel began being used as a colloquial term for knives since the 1700s Category Blades. Quick Facts. Ersatz bayonets usually have no muzzle ring or just a rudimentary ‘ears’ type configuration. No scabbard… Parker Hale Enfield .577 rifled carbine, serial number 2963, with 24 inch barrel, fitted with bayonet lug and ladder sight, secured by two bands, and fitted into stock with brass furniture, together with Pedersoli .577 (14.85mm) sizing die and Pedersoli Minie mould.UK RFD OR A FIREARMS LICENCE WITH CORRECT VARIATION .577 RIFLE REQUIRED TO BUY THIS LOT.Condition report: The gun shows signs of use but is generally good. A British 1903 SMLE Bayonet, the 30cm steel blade with bluing at the ricasso, one side stamped with broad arrow/EFD, inspection marks and bend mark, the opposing side with crowned ER cypher/1903 and date 11'05, with wood grip scales, the pommel stamped J/DP/125, with steel mounted leather scabbard and webbing frog CONDITION REPORT: . Copyright © Metropress Ltd, (t/a Auction Technology Group) 2020. UGX-0176-RJ WWI Creagh Osborne Marching Compass and Case Our Price: $79.95 Item #29847. For more information about a bayonet analysis, please click the attached link. (please note you must be 18 years or older to purchase any edged weapons and are for display purposes only) The basic rifle at the outbreak of the Great War 1914 was Mauser M1898. P1907 bayonet scabbard (3) Composed Volunteer flintlock .750 long land musket, mid 18th century and later, with 46-inch barrel bearing faintly engraved crown and a stamped GR, unmarked lockplate with double line engraving, the inside stamped with a numeral '6' carved stock with brass furniture, with bayonet and fitted with a later sling.Section 58(2) Antique /obsolete calibre, can be owned without a licence. Two bayonets and a helmet, to include a P14 / 17 bayonet dated 1913 and 9-17, a No.4 Lee Enfield bayonet dated 1949. It was designed for use with the GEW 98 rifle (also fits K98 and most 98 Mauser clones including Yugo Mausers). It is believed that 7,000 FG 42 rifles were produced before production ceased in early 1945. Show 30 more like this, An 1855 Lancaster sword bayonet, rare Australian model used by Victorian Volunteer Corps of engineers Militia Show 2 more like this, A German bayonet & scabbard blade 30 cm WWI German Bayonet,Ersatz,Metal Handle/Scabbard,Rare,Army,Original. More Filters. Both with more parkerized finish Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 (Paratroop Rifle 1942) assault rifle. WWI repro: Superb 98 "Butcher Blade" Bayonet. Provenance: Private Estate Collection. Show 27 more like this, Italian knife bayonet with scabbard. overall. This bladed product is not for sale to people under the age of 18. WW1 British Remington Produced P17 Bayonet and Scabbard – Missing Catch £ 95.00. Stamped TG59658. Marked 9/81 and 747 on the cross piece with matching scabbard Been laying in the attic for donkeys years. LUNESCHLOSS, SOLINGEN A WW2 PERIOD POLICE BAYONET WITH SOLID NICKEL FURNITURE, with a birds head hilt with stag grips, Police aluminium eagle pinned to front, black leather frog with black leather scabbard, issue numbers stamped to rear of crossguard 'S.d.iv 271', these nearly match similar stampings to the scabbard throat, same area, slightly different numbers.. Show 9 more like this, A Pattern 1907 sword bayonet and scabbard, for SMLE rifle. Show 19 more like this, A rare World War I bayonet pre-1916 blade 36 cm made by Erfurt 1902. Own this exact reproduction of 98/05 "Butcher Blade" Bayonet made by Windlass Steelcrafts.® The original was introduced in 1915 by the Imperial German Army. This bladed product is not for sale to people under the age of 18. Show 7 more like this, US marine Corps M7 bayonet double edged blade with M8A scabbard Show 6 more like this, A 1957 Vietnam war US Columbus Milpar & Manufacturing Co. Bayonet for M14 rifle It is arranged chronologically with clear photos and dimentional information on the various bayonets along with a guide to prices as of the year 2000. make the soldier look good at parades, parties, etc. Complete with it's 1942 dated leather frog. British pattern 1860 yatagan sword bayonet and scabbard, to fit an Enfield or Snider,75cm long. Military Swords for sale - Australian, British, French, Japanese, German, Italian, military swords from WW1, WW2 and the Boer War Allied 1914/18. Browse Bayonets for sale from our community of shooting enthusiasts on the UK’s #1 gun marketplace. Click here to subscribe. Browse FREE German Ww1 Bayonets Price/Value Guide - Appraisals, Valuations & FREE Sale Advice. Militaria-Arsenal.de Dein Militaria Treffpunkt, Uniformen, Wehrmacht Uniform, Feldbluse, US Army, WW1, WW2, Original und Top Repro To search an expression, simply put quotation marks around it. View Cart. The blade should clean up from years of storage and has old light edge sharpening. A .704 PERCUSSION SERVICE RIFLE, UNSIGNED, MODEL 'EAST INDIA CO. BRUNSWICK', no visible serial number, circa 1864, with 'in the white' iron 30in. With new and used products like WWII military bayonets and scabbards, you will find the perfect parts for a firearm restoration or repair. Cookies help us deliver our services. 30 of the 205 infantry division badges (mushrooms) were also found. By bidding on this item you are declaring that you are 18 years of age or over.Please be aware that we are unable to send edged weapons or bladed products by postal courier to a UK residential address (Offensive Weapons Act 2019), ROBERT KLAAS, SOLINGEN A WW2 GERMAN ETCHED DRESS BAYONET WITH FROG AND KNOT, a short parade or dress bayonet with nickel plated fittings and chequered plastic grips, brown leather frog with green & silver portepee, black painted scabbard, blade is nickel plated with single etch 'Memory of my service time', long outstretched eagle motif. $12.80 shipping. Example: A search for "1 franc" is more precise than 1 franc. IMPERIAL GERMAN ARMY S98/05 MAUSER BAYONET Sn 17950. or Buy It Now . Mar.1876, with steel scabbard numbered 3948 which corresponds with the number on the crossguard; a French Model 1886/93/15 Lebel Bayonet, with cruciform steel blade, brass hilt and steel scabbard (3). Search, buy and sell Bayonets on GunStar today! Chassepot M1886 bayonet and scabbard.71cm long. The securing top strap is damaged and has plastic repair.2 - Rust pitting to the hilt and part of the scabbard. Show 24 more like this, A British bayonet marked ^O a 1907 blade 42 cm Bayonet M1898. Each federal state had its own preferences concerning equipment at the turn of the century. Scabbard has some rust pitting towards the tip. A British East India socket bayonet by Heighington; total length 70 cm This bladed product is not for sale to people under the age of 18. Length 57 cm. Browse FREE German Ww1 Bayonets Price/Value Guide - Appraisals, Valuations & FREE Sale Advice. A beautiful bayonet for special units and colonial forces. 7 photos . Show 8 more like this, Japanese, Type 30 A bayonet, 1897/1935, Tokyo/Kokura arsenal mark, 15 1/2 inch fullered steel blade in grease, some staining, hook quillon with flattened spur tip,1… Search By Galleries. Show 23 more like this, Russian- 1st pattern Mosin Nagant bayonet, 1891, socket, blued 16 inch pointed tip cruciform blade, no scabbard. It was important for the Military to have equal length of rifle including bayonet as the main enemy – the French. Dated 1915. WWII German militaria price guide, WW2 German militaria price guide, Nazi militaria price guide. The result was a long slender bayonet M1898. Overallmm, length 65.5 cm Original WWII German militaria and Nazi relics bought and sold. Wear to the enamel and rust spotting on the scabbard. Show 29 more like this, Australian / British No.9 bayonet with scabbard. Show 18 more like this, Turkish- Mauser 1890 bayonet, hooked quillon, raised muzzle ring, straight single fullered 18 inch blade, ricasso stamped Simpson & Company in Turkish. Manufacturer: CARCANO. Overallmm, length 65.5 cm, Resultats We Epee By bidding on this item you are declaring that you are 18 years of age or over.Please be aware that we are unable to send edged weapons or bladed products by postal courier to a UK residential address (Offensive Weapons Act 2019), A WW2 GERMAN DRESS or PARADE BAYONET WITH DOUBLE ETCHED BLADE, UNSIGNED, an example of a short German dress bayonet with double etched 'Memory of My Service time' carbine type blade, nickel plated hilt fittings, with black chequered grips, black leather frog with regimental portepee, blade etched with scrolls and eagle on one side, eagle and motorised vehicle on the other. And, I say the German one, as sawback bayonets are not a uniquely German thing, not even a German invention, though one could get that impression by reading the propaganda from WWI, and hearing the many myths surrounding them. German/Danish 1855/63 Hirschfänger Bayonet. Show 2 more like this. Blade ricasso stamped Erfurt under crown… A very good example. Rod bayonet for use with the 8 mm. Browse our bayonets, scabbards, and accessories today. • Lebel 1886 Rifle w/Bayonet (NEW!) Type with upwards facing blade. Show 25 more like this, British- Snider 1862 bayonet, yataghan blade, bar on band 20.5 cm muzzle ring, 22 7/8 inch blade some staining, ricasso with G Weyersberg stamp (1787-1883) Solingen.