Average annual mileage. Overview of Toyota Aygo. I have a right foot like a feather duster and got an incredible 78.4mpg from the Stilo on a 170 mile run down the M1 to London, so I expected great things from the Aygo. ... 21 Mar 2016. ... It’s a one-off, the Toyota Aygo Crazy. Just when we thought the Yaris was the definitive small Toyota, the Japanese company brought us the Aygo. Toyota followed this up with Fire and Ice editions that helped slow the Aygo's declining sales before being replaced by … Used. Owned. The Aygo received a makeover on two occasions, in 2009 and 2012. Introduction. Toyota has been selling the Aygo in Europe since 2005, after the model debuted at the Geneva International Motor Show. The first-generation Aygo, jointly developed with Peugeot and Citroen, was a fine first rung on the Toyota ladder. Toyota Aygo owner reviews ... 2016. Review. Most are between £6,110 and £7,000 We see cars like this for sale 20 times a week At a dealer ... Read the Honest John Review. 12 Dec 2016. The Aygo is better around town returning 50 - 55mpg but on a motorway journey it's almost impossible to get the figures above 60mpg. Less than a year. Toyota was forced to respond to this triple threat which looked set to sink the Aygo without trace and in 2012, the Aygo was subtly restyled and efficiency was also improved. Toyota Aygo … Quirky looks. BY ANDY ENRIGHT. review team. Cheeky, smart and keenly priced, the Aygo was one third of a partnership that also produced the Citroen C1 and the Peugeot 107. Buying advice for the Toyota Aygo covering running costs, MPG, Fuel Economy, Reliability and Safety, from the expert What Car? With a length of 3.41 meters with a width of 1.62 meters and 1.47 meters high it is the smallest model of the Japanese automobile group Toyota. The Aygo was born in 2005 when Toyota teamed up with Peugeot and Citroen to create a new city car. Review. Top 10: Britain’s slowest cars. Toyota Aygo (2014 on) Plenty of kit as standard. Toyota Aygo 2016 Buyer's Price Guide. Toyota Aygo 1.0-litre x-cite hatchback review The Aygo is ideal for those who want the reliability of a Toyota in a small package. Toyota Aygo Crazy (2016) road test review. The Toyota Aygo has been on the market since July 2005. Bought Car. 0 – 4,999. With a stylish exterior and impressive running costs, does it have what it takes to squash its city car competition? Our Rating 4/5. Brought the car for … Despite its small dimensions the Aygo offers space for four occupants. To save money, all three brands would then produce the same car in the same factory with just badges and mild styling tweaks to differentiate them. Toyota says that the little 1.0-litre engine will manage 68.9mpg on the combined cycle, but as ever, a lot of that is going to depend on your driving style... find out all you need to know inside. The car shares its underpinnings with the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 107/108 and can be had in both three- and five-door configurations. Toyota Aygo hatchback review "The Toyota Aygo has a bold design, thrifty engine and comes in a varied mix of trims" by Andy Goodwin.