"facetable": false, Even Life-time paints fade just as quick as twenty-five year paints. }, "sequence": "3160.00000", "Attributes": { "searchable": true, "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_": "5 Gallon", "partNumber": "640392346", "isDiscontinued": "false", "ItemImage": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650431166-SuperPaint-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Flat-Ultradeep-Base-5-Gallon", }, "16114": "Lifetime Limited Warranty", "facetable": true, "unitOfMeasure": "", "unitOfMeasure": "", }, "facetable": true, "sequence": "3300.00000", "505564": "Lifetime Limited Warranty", "ItemImage467": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/640398335-SuperPaint-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Satin-Super-White-1-Gallon", "sequence": "510.00000", }, "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_": "5 Gallon", "name": "Sheen", "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_": "1 Gallon", "languageCode": "en" "sequence": "10.00000", Voltage:100V, Plug :Type A, FM Tune:70-90MHz Please check your country's condition for use. "displayable": true, "partNumber": "650047608", }], "name": "Container Size", "name": "Base", "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" "AttributeValues": { "facetable": true, Provides a dirt-resistant and mildew-resistant coating. "unitOfMeasure": "", "searchable": true, "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" Sherwin Williams Exterior Super Paint Warranty Sherman Williams Exterior Paint Harperdesign Co. "comparable": true, - Eco Paint, Inc. Is it Too Cold to Paint Outside? "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" "sequence": "2.00000", "sales_number": "6500-47640" "identifier": "Ultradeep Base", "partNumber": "651149510", }], }, "partNumber": "650047640", "uniqueID": "7000000000000364161" "partNumber": "640393302", "uniqueID": "7000000000000365525" "identifier": "ATT_sheen", "facetable": false, "catentry_id": "16091", "unitID": "", "Attributes": { PAINT IS NOT SMART, figuratively, and intuitively speaking. }], "searchable": false, "sequence": "3160.00000", "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_": "1 Gallon", "product_number": "A80W00153", "sequence": "10.00000", "identifier": "ATT_sheen", "storeDisplay": false, "facetable": false, "name": "Container Size", "usage": "Defining", Contact Eco Paint Today for a Free In House Painting Decorating Consultation "storeDisplay": false, }], "partNumber": "640393302", "isTintable": "True", "facetable": true, "facetable": false, "values": [{ } "sequence": "20.00000", "ItemImage": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650047616-SuperPaint-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Gloss-Deep-Base-5-Gallon", "storeDisplay": false, "Sheen_Flat": 72, "Attributes": { "value": "Ultradeep Base", "sequence": "510.00000", }, "uniqueID": "7000000000000365530" "values": [{ { "16133": "650868235", Is this worth the switch? There are five and ten year paint warranties out there, but it has been a very long time since we've used them, as there is not much of a price difference. }], }, "identifier": "1 Gallon", "storeDisplay": false, "sequence": "210.00000", "sequence": "20.00000", "uniqueID": "7000000000000005705" "Sheen_Flat": 74, "identifier": "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_", }], "ItemImage467": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/651078925_Superpaint_Ext_Acrylic_Ltx_High_Gloss_Extra_White_5G", "values": [{ "attributes": [ If they need to reach back to the paint supplier, that should be included in the warranty. }], "sales_number": "6403-92379" "facetable": true, Find out how much paint you will need by using our online paint calculator. { "sequence": "3.00000", "attributes": [ "sales_number": "6500-47574" "searchable": true, "identifier": "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_", "555514": "651093163", "unitID": "", "facetable": true, "searchable": true, "sequence": "3.00000", "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_": "Ultradeep Base", "partNumber": "640392379", }, "value": "5 Gallon", "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_": "1 Gallon", "uniqueID": "7000000000000005705" "isTintable": "True", "uniqueID": "7000000000004551001" "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_": "1 Gallon", "storeDisplay": false, "unitOfMeasure": "", "comparable": true, "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_": "5 Gallon", "comparable": true, "searchable": true, "searchable": true, "16138": "PCP_27131", "unitID": "", "isBuyable": "true", "uniqueID": "7000000000000365530" "sequence": "20.00000", Cost To Paint Exterior Trim - Important Tips - Eco Paint, Inc. Best Steps Painting Exterior Home - Eco Paint, Inc. Best Preparations To Make For Exterior Painting - Eco Paint, Inc. Do I Install Flooring Or Paint First? Lifetime Limited Warranty. All equipment removed, area all cleaned, received your invoice, paid the contractor, and completed the job is not all that needs to be done. "uniqueID": "7000000000004551002" "uniqueID": "7000000000004551001" "uniqueID": "7000000000000005705" "Container Size_1 Gallon": 76, "ItemThumbnailImage": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650868235-SuperPaint-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Low-Lustre-Extra-White-5-Gallon", }], Adding warmth and glow, a Duckback® finish will also protect your outdoor living space with our advanced technologies and superior innovation. "partNumber": "640392387", "searchable": true, { I was told this is a poor choice and the paint will only last 5 years and to use Sherwin Williams Super Paint. Your Warranty Start Date is the day you take delivery of your new vehicle or the day it is first put into service (for example, as a dealer demonstrator), whichever occurs first. "name": "Container Size", "isTintable": "True",