7 years ago. It did not dilute the color of the paint as far as we could tell. If you want to use your paint for darker colors, it would be better to use an opaque gloss or matte medium. This came in really handy! Read Recipe >> medium-hot chunky salsa. Fabric medium can help your fabric painting in a number of ways: ... Good substitute for gesso as a ground for acrylic paints on canvas. Wichelt Aida. and are there any other alternatives to fabric medium? Anonymous. This is a pretty clever DIY project and it's great for kids to do too! Use safe, inexpensive, and effective fabric softener alternatives to reduce your family's exposure from harmful chemicals and without worrying about having stiff clothes full of static. Lugana Evenweave Fabric Color Chart Colors and DMC-Equivalents for 20-, 25-, 28- and 32-count Lugana. In addition, you can turn this white glue into fabric glue if you add a textile medium to it and mix it well. Wichelt Linen. I'm painting my outdoor patio cushions right now, and after one coat I have already gone through 6 bottles of the Martha stewart fabric medium, and now I'm stuck with purchasing at double or tripple that amount to finish the job with the right amount of coats. The easiest way to make a fabric paint from a basic acrylic paint is to thin it using an acrylic medium. The fabric medium is a liquid that mixes easily with the paint and thins it out a bit. You just have to make sure that the substitute fabric is the same weight or lighter than the outer fabric. Wash and dry your fabric prior to painting if possible, then paint away. As for the container your going to place the clean medium in, make sure its at least 3/4 of the volume of paint your using if not equal. Zweigart Aida. Fabric lamp shades can really update an old lamp and can become a great accent to any room. I want to paint onto my clothing using acrylic paint with a fabric medium.. but i've heard that hair conditioner can be used as an alternative for fabric medium; is this true? Click below to view other fabric color charts. Answer Save. Also, you want to make sure it won’t ruin the way your project will drape. After the paint is completely dry (at least 24 hours), you need to heat set it for permanency and washability. Lampshades. The paints can be mixed with a medium or shaving cream. The fabric must be consistent enough not to allow any glitter through and strong enough that you can apply a decent amount of pressure. After letting the fabric dry for about 24 hours, heat set the paint with an iron to make it washproof. The washable versions may be good as a temporary fabric glue substitute. All is not lost as you can use substitute fabrics to get your sewing project looking better than ever. 2 Answers. Unlike cheaper acrylics, these paints do not stiffen the fabric, but keep it soft. Jobelan (Wichelt) To order a particular count/color please select them in the previous Needlework Fabrics page. Ditch the fabric softener with these 10 alternatives. I'm always looking for something for them to do when they're not in school or on a rainy day. Relevance. 20 min 1 ora 40 min homemade fabric medium Read recipe >> diy fabric lamp shade made with fabric scraps. I used a transparent Liquitex gloss medium which works well for light colored fabrics. Zweigart Linen. The thicker gel mediums will show your brush strokes and help create a 3-D impasto (dimensional) effect in your painting. I agree it's expensive. The inks can be mixed with gel or shaving cream. Fabric medium is a thick fluid that looks opaque when wet but dries colorless. It should come out nice and easy when you place your clothing items in your washing machine.