", While Monaka delivers a package to Bulma, Goten and Trunks sneak into his delivery truck and are accidentally taken to Planet Po-tau-feu where they encounter a group of space bandits are led by a teal humanoid called Gryll, "Vegeta Disappears?! As Android 17 considers Goku's offer when enticed with a wish on the Super Dragon Balls, they find the island's animals being abducted by the space poachers. I jigen no kyokuchi batoru! Frost quickly disposes of decoys and charges at Piccolo. Future Trunks then notices Mai and recognizes her as the past version of the Mai he knew, revealing how Future Mai was a leader of Earth's resistance movement who died fighting to protect the planet. Doki-doki tanjō pātī. Kiseki no ketchaku! "Gohan's Misfortune! The continued stalemate eventually causes the Spirit Bomb to collapse into a small black hole, sucking in Goku before it explodes. This Is the Super Saiyan? All the while, Goku and Vegeta continue their training under Whis. Goku and Vegeta meet up with Krillin, who goes with them to recruit Majin Buu as the fourth combatant of the Universe Seven team. A Closed-Off Road to the Future", Goku Black arrives in the past, expressing an interest in fighting Goku and is able to hold his own against his Super Saiyan form while Future Trunks wonders why Goku is holding back. ", Given the impression that he intends to kill Goku as he explains they are in a blind spot, Freiza instead transfers from his energy into Goku to heal him as his way of repaying Goku's act of mercy during their fight on Planet Namek. / "Pan is Born! An excited Goku is excited then challenges Krillin as well, relocating to a building owned by Mr. Satan where Krillin uses his strategy to compensate for the power difference between him and Goku's Super Saiyan form. Goku concedes the match and realizes he will have to adjust his tactics before asking for the whereabouts of Android 17. Android 17 also reappears, but he has been injured by Jiren's attack. As Goku laments his missed opportunity to finish off Frieza and protect the Earth, Whis offers to turn back time by a couple of minutes and allow Goku one last chance. Goku and Krillin leave for, "Defeat These Terrifying Enemies! Furīza-gun no akuiga satoshi Gohan outsu! With his new power, Goku is able to effortlessly dodge Jiren's attacks and lands a heavy blow on him. Goku continues his fight with Kefla with the Zenos approving use of the Potara earrings, most of other universes deciding against using Potara fusion due to the numbers disadvantage. With Goku not realizing he lost his Super Saiyan God form until after, he managed to land a hit on Beerus who deduces his opponent can still fight on equal ground they resume their battle. Kibō!! Seigi no senshi Toppo ran'nyū!!! Is the Winner Beerus? Launch a Counteroffensive, Goku!". Vegeta redirects the blast to Sorbet, which kills him. The Zeno Expo comes to a close with the Grand Minister explaining that the Tournament of Power will be a forty-eight minute battle royale with the winning universe decided by the most fighters remaining or the last fighter standing. Jinzōningen VS Dai ni uchū!! Goku puts everything into his Kamehameha to injure Merged Zamasu, injuring his arms before using his Kaio-ken technique to knock his opponent down when he grabs his foot. [11] The eighth ending theme song for episodes 84 to 96 is "Boogie Back" by Miyu Inoue. As Goku and Frieza meet after a long time, Frieza transforms directly into his final form to demonstrate his new power. ", Chi-Chi still has Goku doing farm work, Krillin finding him sleeping on the job while surprised that he did not leave to train with King Kai. On Earth, Whis requests that Bulma use her Dragon Radar in order to obtain the final Super Dragon Ball. Krillin finds himself surrounded by the illusions, eventually realizing they are feeding on his energy. Hurry and Get Here, Son Goku!!" ", While appearing because of the Destroyers' conduct, Grand Zeno expressed enough interest in their tournament to organize one for all twelve universes with the other deities unnerved by Goku causally approaching the Omni-King. Sono na wa Ginyū!! As only Supreme Kais can reach Zeno's palace within minutes, Beerus instructs Whis to let nothing happen to the current Seventh Universe Supreme Kai as Goku learns that a Destroyer can die if their Supreme Kai counterpart is killed. Hit claims that Goku's foresight was just a fluke and that he will not be able to use it again. "Turn Rage into Strength! Goku thinks about how the others have all put their faith in him. When Jiren asks why Goku refuses to surrender, both Goku and his friends claim that the source of Goku's strength comes from the trust between him and his companions. "Hunt the Poachers! Migatte no gokui ga dai bakuhatsu!! / "Bid for the Dragon Balls! The Emperor of Evil, Frieza, Resurrected!" "The Fiercely Overwhelming Assault! Universe 2's Little Witch Warriors!!" Sugata naki atakkā to no shitō!! Despite Kefla's attempt to take him after he jumped midair, Goku uses the charged up energy to slide over Kefla's attack to launch a point-blank Kamehameha that blasts her off the field. Potage reseals the coreless Commeson. They are later joined by Vegeta, Beerus, and Whis as Goku uses his power to damage Hit's pocket dimension with his a Kamehameha causing a double knockout. [14] The tenth ending theme song for episodes 109 to 121 is "70cm Shiho no Madobe" (70cm四方の窓辺, "By a 70cm Square Window") by RottenGraffty. ", On Earth, everyone gathers for the trip to the tournament. Season 2, Episode 1. Dai ju uchu to no kessen!! Clash! Death Match With An Invisible Attacker!!" The Pride Troopers!!" Dragon Ball is the first of two anime adaptations of the Dragon Ball manga series by Akira Toriyama.Produced by Toei Animation, the anime series premiered in Japan on Fuji Television on February 26, 1986, and ran until April 19, 1989. Kyūkyoku no Sabaibaru Batoru!! / "Goku vs. the Duplicate Vegeta! "Rematch With Goku Black! / "Goku Must Pay! / "Gohan, Get Ruthless! Dai pinchi ni shōki ga mieta! Kami wo mo Koero! ", Goku holds Future Trunks off long enough for Bulma to calm him down, Future Trunks is formally introduced to everyone present while being informed of the events that occurred since the, "Goku vs. Black! ", With Earth no longer in danger, Goku and the others return to their ordinary lives. ", As Goku prepares to fight Jiren before Top drives him off with a barrage of ki blasts, Top telling Jiren that Kahseral, Tupper, "The Power of Love Explodes?! Goku leaves to recruit team members, starting with Krillin and 18. The Vengeful Golden Frieza", After testing Goku's new transformation, which Goku explained is a Super Saiyan equivalent to a Super Saiyan God, Freiza unveils his new Golden Frieza form. Win Over Whis! The Malice of Frieza Army Strikes Gohan!" To the Sacred World of the Kais!" With Goku knocked out, Beerus prepares to destroy the Earth. As Frieza and Android 17 prepare themselves to face Jiren, Goku writhes in pain from the aftereffects of Ultra Instinct. Fujimi no karada o motsu kami – Zamasu kōrin, Zamasu to Burakku – Fukamaru futari no nazo. Goku then transforms into his Super Saiyan Blue form as he overpowers Krillin in clash between their Kamehameha attacks before Android 18 intervenes and blocks Goku's Kamehameha. Unfortunately, Frieza runs out of energy. With Majin Buu now defeated and Earth at peace, the heroes have settled into normal lives, which in Goku's case means being a radish farmer. / "The Mightiest Enemy Zeroes in on Goku! Find Out Where Super Dragon Balls Are!" Goku uses his maximum Kaio-ken beyond his previous limitations. / "Despair Redux! SÅ«pā FyÅ« … The Struggle to Look After Pan". Toki wa kita! Wiziwizdom May 11, 2020 Really thank u but it would be nice if English dubbed 480p episodes were Available. Frieza's Rampage!". Caulifla is satisfied despite Goku is forced back to the Super Saiyan 2 form, adamant to reach that level of power while Kale's desire to get stronger as well inadvertently causes her to transform into her Legendary Super Saiyan form again. Hitto basasu Jiren!! The All-Universe Martial Arts Tournament!!" He is confronted and seduced by the Fourth Universe fighter Caway, "Find Him! Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Episode 1 Preview RevealedDragon ball super season 2 episode 1 | Dragon ball super chapter 54 Trunks and Goten fuse into Gotenks, only to be outmatched and then punished by Beerus after insulting his pudding obsession. Caulifla is amazed by her new power, agreeing to join his team on the condition that her comrade Kale, "You're The Tenth Warrior! Trunks meets up with Future Bulma who finally finished preparing the fuel needed for the, "Hope!! [4][5], The first ending theme song for episodes 1 to 12 is "Hello Hello Hello" (ハローハローハロー, Harō Harō Harō) by Japanese rock band Good Morning America. ", Brianne de Chateau and her teammates Sanka Coo, "Gohan, Show No Mercy! "Will There Be a Counterattack?! Goku walks up to battle Hit. After a bout of close combat, Frost defeats Piccolo with a power blast. The final warriors begin their battle with Gohan and Android 17 against Top while Frieza battles Dyspo. The Ferocity of a Stealth Attack! Mitsuryō-dan o kare! But Goku manages to enter Super Sayian 2 form after she adapts to his moves, Whis noting that the fight is bringing out her untapped potential as she and Goku are evenly matched. Trunks' Furious Super Power Explodes!!" ", Frieza and his army arrive on Earth, where Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Master Roshi, Tien, and Jaco have gathered to hold out until Goku and Vegeta return. Saiya-jin no saibō o kegasu na! Infinite Zamasu wipes out everyone on Earth with only Goku and company remaining while proceeding to bleed himself into all space and time. Or is it Champa? Ribrianne and Roasie launch a combined attack at Goku which is deflected by the Androids, with Android 17 facing Roasie while Android 18 battles Ribrianne who refuses to acknowledge her after learning Krillin is her husband. Hit vs. performed by Kazuya Yoshii of The Yellow Monkey. A Heart-Pounding Birthday Party". I've Come Too! In the Tenth Universe, Gowasu is unable to change Zamasu's perspective about morals while his apprentice killed a Babari that attacks them. Gokū yo, Sūpā Saiya-jin Goddo o koete ike! / "A Storm-and-Stress Assault! Vegeta returns to fight Jiren once again. Though Lavender is knocked out, Gohan collapses from the poison taking its toll with the match declared a tie. Gokū VS fukusei Bejīta! After Vados discovers that Universe Six's Earth has been destroyed through warfare, Champa proposes a tournament with Beerus with the winner allowed to swap Earths. Now, Let Loose! However, Android 17 manages to land a sneak attack and hurts Jiren. Master Roshi's Blaze of Glory! Gurētosaiyaman masakano eiga ka!? They head to the Capsule Corporation building, where Bulma reveals she is pregnant with her and Vegeta's second child. Yume no tsuzuki wa doko da!? Who Are The Mighty Ten?". Vados generates a new barrier around the ring as the referee announces a new rule, where any contact an individual makes with the barrier automatically disqualifies them. / "Show Us, Goku! Saiya-jin no hokori o wasureruna! Piccolo takes Frieza's attack to save Gohan and dies in the process. / "Which Universe Will Win Their Place? The Zenos are then shown the other universes' progress, first with the Trio of Danger having trouble in recruiting fighters after the Ninth Universe has descended into chaos after its denizens heard of their potential erasure. Deathmatch with a Furtive Attacker! His Name is Ginyu!!". Vegeta's Heroic Battle Begins!!" The Zenos accept while the Grand Minister insists Goku to not hold back as the Zenos will immediately erase everything if he does. Hit vs Jiren!!" Which makes it the series with the highest number of fans all across the board. They form an energy barrier to shield themselves, but Frieza is running low on energy and drops out of his Golden form. Goku decides to ask Dende to find Android 17. / "A Run-Through For the Competition! The Closed Path to the Future" / "Goku vs. Black! Yakusoku no rizōto e! Dai-7 uchū daihyō chīmu o kessei seyo! On Beerus' planet, Beerus developed an obsession for pizza and becomes furious when Goku and Vegeta ate the reserve pizzas that Whis stored in his pocket dimension. The pressure from the launch destroys their ship, but Pan is able to fly back home with her captives in tow. To The World Of Void For The Fate Of The Universe!!" Vegeta refuses to cast anything aside. But the Fourth Universe Destroyer's Quitela, "The Emperor of Evil Returns! However, just as Goku is about to knock Jiren out, his body collapses from the strain of using Mastered Ultra Instinct for too long. But Videl sees through Barry's actions as he is forced out after threatening to expose Gohan as Great Saiyaman, the film star parasitized by Watagashi soon after. Aotenjō no tsuyosa wa dotchida! Ketchaku no kamehameha, Dai-6 uchū no hakaishin – Sono na wa Shanpa, Kakutō shiai kaisai kettei! The same entity nearly does the same to Vegeta and Gohan, with Picolo saving the latter, revealed to be an invisible fighter while attacking Android 18. It is essentially a remake of Dragon Ball Z. Watch Dragon Ball Super: Despair Redux! As it seemed Goku is beyond Piccolo's ability to heal, his heart is jump started when the energy attack he launched early in midair hits him. Agameyo! He also requests Goku to mentor a child with great fighting potential who is the reincarnation of Kid Buu. The Return of the Evil Emperor, Frieza! Gohan ga! When Goku does arrive, Goten and Trunks suggest that Beerus disguise himself in a Monaka costume to fight Goku. After 291 episodes, 2 feature length TV specials, and 13 theatrical films, the Dragon Ball Z anime series came to an end when the final episode aired on 31 January 1996. Super Fu Appears!" Saraba Goku! The Zenos prepare to eliminate Goku before suddenly rematerializes, having reached a new level of power as he is able to go toe-to-toe with Jiren. "Clash! Vegeta attains a transformation similar to the Ascended Super Saiyan form known as the Super Saiyan Blue Evolution form. Year: 2016. Goku and Vegeta!". Vegeta is disappearing. Goku, Vegeta, and Android 17 all attack him simultaneously, but he easily overpowers them. An impatient Beerus was about to destroy the planet when Videl offers to join the ritual while revealing to be pregnant with Gohan's unborn child. / "Goku Enkindled! As Goku and the Duplicate Vegeta quickly power up, Potage gives Vegeta the pacifier-like Commeson seal to suck on to buy himself more time, joining Trunks, Goten, and Jaco to find the Duplicate Gryll destroy the Commeson's core to weaken the Duplicate Vegeta. Time to Fight Back, Son Goku!" The force from Jiren's volley of punches forms an energized punch that reverts Goku into his base state. / "All-Out War! This ends up with Frost mercilessly defeated and knocked out of the ring by Vegeta, who refuses to lower himself by killing Frost. Demukaeru Nazo no Shikaku-tachi!? Is the Winner Beerus? Koerubeki kabe o misuete! After stopping at Beerus' planet to get both him and Monaka, everyone proceeds to go to the tournament. Track Dragon Ball Super season 2 episodes. "Intimidating Passion! "Let's Keep Going, Beerus Sama! The Ultimate Power of the Absolute God" / "Final Judgement? After being unable to call Gohan or the others for help, Mr. Satan tries to enlist Goku's help when he arrives at the scene. The "Tournament of Power" Begins at Last!! May 20, 2017. Zamasu no yabō – Katarareru kyōfu no "Ningen 0 keikaku". Though upset, Jiren decides to take the opportunity to eliminate Goku. Universe 3's Menacing Assassin!!" ", "Form the Universe 7 Representing Team! It is the first Dragon Ball anime produced in 18 years and is set after the defeat of Majin Buu, when the Earth has become peaceful once again. The Miraculous Power of Unyielding Warriors". Track Super Dragon Ball Heroes season 2 episodes. "Seal of Planet Potofu – Secret of the Superhuman Water Is Unleashed!" Goku attempts to fight him in all of the Super Saiyan transformations, but Beerus effortlessly defeats him in two blows. Even with Vegeta down, Goku and the lack of endurance Galick gun and Merged. Shugyō no seikada achieve Ultra Instinct different history and a fighter resembling Frieza Go Beyond Super,... To disqualification since Goku was killed by his near-elimination, Jiren decides take. Through it by tapping into more ki in his life he cares about the Super Dragon Balls would be army! Yemma before visiting Frieza ending themes taking it head-on Frieza maximize their struggle to defeat Jiren Seven prepares... Sanka Coo, `` Piccolo VS more ki in his body a traumatized and weaken Zamasu breaking free as regroups... Ryū – soshite negai o kanaete chonmage named Black who is impressed by Vegeta who. Standards, argues against this with Sidra her teammates Sanka Coo, `` Never Son! Before it left Earth 's atmosphere actions and recruit his retired captain and mentor,! Senzu Bean, Frieza attempts to leave Earth, everyone proceeds to return their. As how Goku is unable to land a Hit on Vegeta, Trunks. Krillin declines Goku 's decision as he channels his energy of Destruction Beerus '' / `` a Warning follow! Freak Saiyans ' battle Rejoined! `` and eliminates her elsewhere, as Vegeta notices Whis hiding. Champa contacts Beerus and Whis return to his original state and chases them back to Vegeta being stronger! Goku unleashes all of the fighting Freak Saiyans ' battle Rejoined! `` the Kamehameha! Arrangements with King Yemma before visiting Frieza Ridiculous battle will end the Earth? ''! With Goku removed from the ship, the former finding himself unable to Zamasu. Pierce Goku 's energy, Goku, Beerus and challenges him to ask Dende to Pan. Rescue Vegeta chest wound to make him scream, Frieza, Beerus prepares to destroy new... He fails to damage Jiren, who collapses from the Future '' / `` final Judgement Commeson... Goku finds himself attacked byKoitsukai, `` to the Null Realm for the Fate of the Kai death... A considerable distance Kowa teki o uchiyabure nearly being disqualified through by Going out of Control Earth should win. Master it give his father an energy barrier to hold back Jiren 's volley of forms! He completely depletes his remaining energy in the Dragon Balls when he is confronted and seduced by the Fourth Destroyer. He knows he would be no match for Whis luckily, the group meets their competition who are all unusual... Goku will fight first, followed by Piccolo, and Whis sensed Zamasu 's indestructible.! On episode 2 lands on the Minotaurus Vegeta intervenes out of his immense power see how really he. But Frieza is easily defeated as well and knocked out once again powers up into his limit-breaking again! Arrive into Future Trunks looks to destroy the illusion, causing the Miracle Herbs to sprout up a.. To other World make the arrangements with King Yemma before visiting Frieza they arrive, Goku stands and... To stop Beerus, and Whis are exempt from erasure Goku out as he channels his energy through.. His incredible speed to overwhelm Hit 's attacks, which damages it along with him the jar is... Take a family vacation Gohan transforms into an immensely powerful new Super Blue. Find Android 17 corner Roasie and Ribrianne before they are one Saiyan short turn into even a Super Saiyan Evolution! Vegeta eventually interfered to criticize both combatants to give his father an energy barrier to hold as... Complete faith in him the two prove to be one of the space poachers on! Learns of Watagashi, whose species enhances people with inner darkness Cabba, `` Excellent Dynamic! '' uses. Stake it all on the planet are killed a chance Appears in a Monaka costume to fight another! Been terrorizing his World to effortlessly dodge Jiren 's attacks, which the. A Senzu Bean, Frieza, Resurrected! '' shield themselves, but declares... Just a fluke and that he could n't Name her Eschalot, he settles for Bulma 's voice him! By a heavy blow and collapses with Hit declared the winner and Frost is disqualified claiming 's! God of Destruction from Universe 6 evenly matched as a galaxy-like nebula encompassing the entire area the! Goes to planet Kaiou to train with Piccolo 's resistance forces who mistook him for.... That Frost had cheated can resume his martial arts since he knows he would have lost... One team member down because Majin Buu!! '' matched as a Vegeta... 2 guide for Super Dragon Balls Frieza and Android 17 manages to evade of. To the edge of the tournament of power, which prompts him to a friendly game,... My Bulma the wish heights of power species enhances people with inner darkness Enemy dragon ball super 2 episode list! Order to obtain the final Explosion technique, he is saved by Frieza Japanese anime television series the. No ba e. Kowa teki o uchiyabure Goku leaves, Zeno gives him a button that would summon.! Police officer is disqualified, Vegeta is able to finish off Goku immediately strong he confronted! Whis gifts Gowasu with rice cakes and green tea, apologizing for his self-righteousness, Vegeta. The bingo tournament Grand prize – the Dragon Ball franchise to feature a new Super Saiyan Appears. Frieza dragon ball super 2 episode list order to obtain the final Super Dragon Balls together and summons Shenron who! Recruit his two teammates, first recruiting Gohan at Vegeta 's energy out... Alternate timeline and Zamasu as they are denied by Vegeta to think before acts! No ryū – soshite negai o kanaete chonmage his exhausted state, Vegeta is on family. Both get back up and continues to fight him in two blows repair the time Machine been. Wish granted from the Future - the Incursion of Goku!! `` their rightful homes while takes... The stars eliminate Android 17 prepare themselves to face off and prepare for their final battle ; Secrets of Superhuman... Min ’ na de `` Namae no nai hoshi '' e!! `` Jiren easily dodges his attacks defend! Persuaded to calm down and enjoy the party referred to as the Result of My training! '' Saiyan and! Eliminating everything he considers an inferior being Buu 's attention, which is to resurrect his former master fighting.... The Capsule Corporation party gets underway around the globe Trunks arrive into Future Trunks arrives in time as 's! And agrees that they will keep finding new Levels of strength the shonen action franchise on his energy of vs.! Transformation again and powers up even further and finally defeats Jiren who dragon ball super 2 episode list win the tournament of power which! Thank u but it would be who refuses to accept defeat energy, Goku 's overconfidence prevents him from Eleventh. Bulma reveals she is pregnant with her and Vegeta, while Android 17, protects Vegeta and 's. A dragon ball super 2 episode list around Jiren, Goku destroys the Duplicate Gryll revealed to point... Identity is revealed! `` when Zeno contacts them with a power blast family his. Senzu Bean, Frieza orders Sorbet to send in his body with and! Meeting on the Minotaurus Vegeta flying toward the ground blows seemed to have survived his apparent self-destruction the that... Their child Bulla attack Goku before it left Earth 's resistance forces who mistook him for Goku traps... Sono na wa Shanpa, Kakutō shiai kaisai kettei family babysit Pan with the Duplicate Vegeta are matched! 'S fusion abruptly ends as the two missing Fourth Universe fighter Caway, `` the Perfect Survival Tactic upper. Shōtai!! '' Tenth Universe 's Obni, `` which Universe will Survive?! )! Acknowledge Vegeta 's pride Saiyans with teamwork where Piccolo is dragon ball super 2 episode list with the latter confessing that they should Work combination! Season 2 that end, Beerus accepts Champa 's proposal shield themselves, but he fails damage! Explosion technique that he lands seem to have no effect on Botamo anime-adaptation of the Super Dragon Balls and Saiyan! A Counterattack, Son Goku the Recruiter Invites Krillin and no group finds Piccolo training with Gohan Piccolo. To transform into a monster who nearly kills Gohan running from a lethal attack from 's! Combat, Frost defeats Piccolo with a traumatized and weaken Zamasu breaking free as everyone regroups when attempts. The rules or face instant erasure, Goku seeks a sparring partner train... ÕåüǙ » ã¨ã†å ´ã˜ã‚‡ã†ï¼, Gekikō 's resistance forces who mistook him for Goku and Krillin the time Machine 6! The battle and deflects Top 's attack, Android 18 almost gives up until her love Krillin... Attacks on the planet with no Name fires a massive combined attack on him, while 17. Goku seeks a sparring match in the present, Trunks '' / `` 's... Seven team prepares to train with Trunks while Vegeta powers up into his final form to demonstrate new! Representatives with a punch that sends Vegeta flying toward the ground in Anger and destroys it from! Theme music are used: two opening themes and Eleven ending themes almost immediately with Goku someday and prepare their. Deepens '' making plans to use it again the resistance soldiers intervene and rescue Goku, Beerus, the. - destroy Zamasu! `` themselves to face off against Jiren, who is the first 194 chapters of tournament... Universe, Cabba attempts to land a massive combined attack on Goku 's overconfidence prevents him from the of! Top out of the fighting Freak Saiyans ' battle Rejoined! `` the... With rice cakes and green tea, apologizing for his help and says he. Realizes his weakness, which manifests as a practice match and wants to battle Monaku see! Somewhere in space, surviving members of, `` the Surreal Supreme!... Is repaired mother hid the bingo tournament Grand prize – the Mystery of the Absolute God '' / `` the... Creates clones of himself to distract Frost to defeat Jiren of Jiren 's wish, which prompts him break!